Shakespeare's dark universe

Shakespeare was the most popular playwright in London.at that time. As centuries have passed, his genius eclipses all others of his age; Jonson, Marlowe, Kyd, Greene, Dekker, Heywood-none approach the craft or the humanity of character that marks...

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Defining Nouns

I chose as the theme for the noun seems very interesant. In English, the noun does not decline. Its shape changes only to form plural number. English uses many nouns forming units arranged in a row with the role of adjective ´noun...

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The History of Lullaby

The lullaby apparently has always been a little bit of fear-mongering and a little bit of love. Four millennia ago an ancient Babylonian wrote down a lullaby sung by a mother to her child. It may have got the baby to sleep, but its message is...

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Vocabular de termeni financiari si business in limba engleza

Vocabular de termeni financiari si business. Proiectul a fost redactat conform cerintelor de mai jos, utilizand termeni din engleza tradusi, cu definitia din dictionar plus exemplu si sursa. PURPOSE/ FOCUS Genuine texts to be read and...

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Bad habits of the British people

Many people are trapped in some kind of a bad habit that they wish they never had. Bad habits are formed more easily than good habits, and are usually the hardest to get rid of. Smoking, drinking, gambling, overeating, and eating fast food are...

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Engleza - Note de curs

Engleza - Note de curs  

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The waste land T.S eliot

The poem begins with a section entitled "The Burial of the Dead." In it, the narrator - perhaps a representation of Eliot himself - describes the seasons. Spring brings "memory and desire," and so the narrator's memory...

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O cariera de succes

We were taugh to belive that we can touch the perfection in any field, as long as we  ”work” to achive this thing. We were taugh to believe  about our career the same and ovionsly, everyone wants a succesffull career....

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Gramatica limbii engleze

Documentul contine toata gramatica limbii engleze cu tot cu exemple  

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Taj Mahal (ppt)

Taj Mahal is regarded as one of the eight wonders of the world, and some Western historians have noted that its architectural beauty has never been surpassed.   The Taj is the most beautiful monument built by the Mughals, the Muslim rulers...

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Indian Arhitecture

The architecture of India is rooted in its history, culture and religion. Indian architecture progressed with time and assimilated the many influences that came as a result of India's global discourse with...

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Mic dictionar de cuvinte in limba engleza (.xls)

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Future perfect tense simple and continuous

Afirmativ: S + WILL + VB (short infinitive) Negativ: S + WILL + NOT + VB (short infinitive) Interogativ: WILL + S + VB (short infinitive) Se foloseste pentru a exprima: - previziuni, asteptari, opinii sau supozitii despre viitor si...

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London is a vastly ethnic city with a rich, historic atmosphere and the old world charm of the city is lined with awe-inspiring landmarks and unique shops where millions people from across the globe come to admire every year. London is one of the...

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Template matching

Abstract. Template matching is a technique for finding small parts of an image which match a template image. It slids the template from the top left to the bottom right of the image, and compare for the best match with template. The template...

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Political party System existing in Europe

1.    Definition  A political party represents a group of people gathered on the basis of free consent which are acting under a program, conscious and organized to serve the interests of classes, of social groups, human...

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Human rights

Human rights are international norms that help to protect all people everywhere from severe political, legal, and social abuses. Examples of human rights are the right to freedom of religion, the right to a fair trial when charged with a crime,...

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My ideal house

The Ideal House Two things are necessary in any neighbourhood where we propose to spend a life: a desert and some living water. There are many parts of the earth’s face which offer the necessary combination of a certain wildness with a...

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Engleza - domenii economice

UNIT ONE CONCEPTS IN ECONOMICS OBJECTIVES: After studying this chapter, you should be able to: - understand the concepts of supply and demand and competition - comprehend how supply and demand determine price in competitive markets - know...

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When things go wrong

I.    Name some aspects that could dissatisfy customers in the tourism field. II.   Read the following text and answer the questions: The study of customer complaint behaviour and complaint resolution has been...

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I.    Work in groups to answer the following questions: •    Do you often visit museums/ historical sites? •    What is the role of museums in today’s society? II.   ...

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Alternative tourisms

1. ALTERNATIVE TOURISMS I. Comment on the following poem. Do you sympathize with the author or do you tend to contradict him? When the tourists flew in the Finance Minister said, “It will boost the economy,  the dollars will...

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A Analysis Of Jack London Novels

A literary Analysis of Jack London three most recognized works, Sea Wolf; The Call of the Wild and White Fang. Jack London lived a full life, even though he died at the young age of forty.   In his life time he experienced many things, and...

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History of the Byzantine empire

The cultural and religious crisis through which the Roman Empire was passing in the fourth century is one of the most significant events in the history of the world. The old pagan culture came into collision with Christianity, which received...

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is very important English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian period. Dickens’s works are characterized by attacks on social evil, injustice and hypocrisy. He had also experienced oppression in his...

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Scrisoare oficiala de felicitare

Dear Isabella, On behalf of the entire team of Rosewood Publications, I would like to heartily congratulate you on your recent graduation from Texas University with Masters in Journalism. That you stood first in the department of Journalism...

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Carbon Fibers in Civil Structures: Rehabilitation and New Construction

Fibre reinforced polymers (FRP’s) have light weight, excellent durability, and high strength – the latter particularly when the fibres are oriented unidirectionally within the composite. These properties make these materials attractive...

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Globalization and the developing world

The first version of this study was prepared for the United Nations Development Programme as a background document for the Human Development Report 1992. It is not surprising therefore that some of the ideas in this study bear more than a passing...

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English grammar

Substantivul Felul substantivelor Substantivele in limba engleza se pot imparti in patru categorii: - substantive comune: cat, girl, lamp - substantive proprii: England, London, Mr Smith, Mary - substantive abstracte: beauty, love,...

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Lesson plans

Modalitatea este cu certitudine o problematica lingvistica mult disputata asa cum rezida din ambiguitatea si inadvertenta studiilor existente pe aceasta tematica. Este aproape unanim acceptat faptul ca verbele modale sunt verbe principale in...

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