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PhD Student Positions (3 years) at the MaxNetAging Research School (MNARS)
The MaxNetAging Research School (MNARS) is seeking applications for PhD Student Positions, starting in February 2016. MNARS is an international graduate program launched by the Max Planck International Research Network on Aging (MaxNetAging). The program focuses on topics of aging ranging across the full spectrum of the behavioral and social sciences, biology, law and the...
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Centre for Chromosome Biology, School of Natural Sciences: Funded PhD Scholarship
Project Title: The genomic architecture of human nucleolar organizer regions and its role in nucleolar biology Supervisor: Prof Brian McStay Duration: Funded for 4 years (Structured PhD), full-time. Project description: Nucleoli form around arrays of genes that encode the major RNA component of ribosomes. These ribosomal gene arrays, known as nucleolar organizer...
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PhD student position in Sensory Neuroscience
Applications are sought for a PhD student position on the topic of Calcium dynamics in degenerating cone photoreceptors. Inherited neurodegenerative diseases affecting photoreceptors, the sensory neurons of the retina, are a major cause of blindness. The mechanisms at play are still largely unknown and, to date, there is no treatment available. We are now looking for...
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6 PhD scholarships within the research training group
The newly founded research training group €œEvolutionary novelty and adaptation €“ from molecules to organisms€, funded by the Baden-Wrttemberg Landesgraduiertenfrderung Program, invites applications for 6 PhD scholarships for up to 3 years. The research training group is located at the Centre for Organismal Studies (COS), Heidelberg University....
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PhD Plant Science
Weather-proofing plants This PhD project provides opportunities to develop cutting edge molecular genetics skills and to work alongside theoreticians on fundamental science that addresses the global challenge of food security. The security of our future food supply will depend on an improved understanding of how plants regulate photosynthesis and biomass in response to...
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Doctoral Student-Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Department of Environmental Sciences The Department of Environmental Sciences is based at the Viikki campus in Helsinki and at the environmental campus in Lahti, thus forming a strong and broad university unit for environmental education and research. Research at the department covers both biologically and socially...
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Fully funded PhD positions available in  Molecular and Cellular Biology, Structural Biology and Biochemistry
The Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society in Tuebingen, Germany provide an ideal environment for outstanding research. PhD students obtain organizational support and additional training through the International PhD Program in the Biological Sciences.  
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PhD Scholarship Opportunity-Monash NICTA Victorian Research Lab
PhD supervisors for this scholarship are listed on the Monash NICTA VRL Scholarships webpage. Remuneration: Stipend Scholarships are available for up to 4 years, to an amount of up to $31,000 per annum. The Opportunity We are seeking enthusiastic students to undertake research in topics that align with one of the following NICTA research areas: Biomedical...
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Postdoctoral position on Metabolic Network Reconstruction and Analysis
The position is available immediately. The post holder will study metabolic interactions between plants and microbial communities, using modern theoretical and computational approaches. The successful candidate will reconstruct metabolic network from genome sequences and databases and employ flux balance analysis (FBA) and other constraint-based modeling techniques to...
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11 PhD Positions-Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism
The University of Lbeck is recruiting highly motivated doctoral researchers for a structured three-year PhD programme within the newly established  DFG Research Training Group 1957 Adipocyte-Brain-Crosstalk. The programme will start as of May 1st, 2014. In an interdisciplinary research approach the Research Training Group GRK 1957 focuses on the effects of hormones...
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