PhD position in Plant Cell Wall Signalling

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PhD position in Plant Cell Wall Signalling

A PhD position starting December 15th, 2013 is available in the Plant Cell Wall Signalling group at the Centre of Organismal Studies (COS) Heidelberg.

Project Description:

Without the benefits of cell migration or extensive programmed cell death, growth and development of plants is governed by cell elongation and cell division, two processes largely dependent on biosynthesis, organization and remodelling of the cell wall. As a consequence, the cell wall impacts on all aspects of plant development and performance; however, our knowledge on how plants control organization of this complex and dynamic structure is still very limited.

Recently, plant cell wall signalling (CWS) emerged as a new research field as it became apparent that information from intrinsic and extrinsic cues is integrated into changes in cell wall biosynthesis and remodelling, with important consequences for plant growth and performance traits such as biomass and crop yield. Therefore, a better understanding of CWS is crucial for efforts aiming at improving our use of plants as a source of nutrition and energy.

Recently, we have identified a novel CWS pathway which ensures cell wall homeostasis by monitoring cell wall state, and, if necessary, elicits a response mediated by brassinosteroid hormones. This project aims at elucidating the mechanisms by which plant cell walls affect intracellular signalling and to identify the components involved. In addition, using a genetic screen and protein interaction studies, novel components of cell wall signalling pathways will be identified.


Termenul de aplicare a fost pana la 31 Octombrie 2013

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