PhD topic: Optomechanics in the quantum regime

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PhD topic: Optomechanics in the quantum regime

One of the major prospects for bringing nano- and micro-mechanical systems into the quantum regime is their application to quantum information processing. Due to their flexibility to couple to a variety of physical systems (photons, electrons, atoms etc.) together with their on-chip integrability mechanical quantum systems enable novel opportunities for quantum information science, in particular as universal quantum transducer system or as quantum memory.


Current challenges involve the preparation of mechanical quantum states of sufficient purity, interfacing to other (quantum) systems, the development of hybrid devices with sufficiently strong coupling to achieve coherent state manipulation and the development of quantum information protocols adapted to nano- and micro-mechanical architectures. These positions will focus on the optomechanical aspect by designing experiments that allow to transfer optical quantum states onto mechanical resonators.


In addition, the preparation of entanglement between optics and mechanics will allow to interface mechanical quantum states to other stationary quantum systems, e.g. spin qubits, via an optical bus. Furthermore, the preparation of quantum states of mechanical resonators offers exciting new possibilities for macroscopic quantum experiments at the foundations of quantum physics. The dimension and mass of optomechanical systems allows quantum experiments in a completely new parameter regime. The successful candidates will investigate prospects and challenges of such experiments.

Nr of positions available : 2

Research Fields

Physics - Optics

Career Stage

Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Research Profile

First Stage Researcher (R1)


Termenul de aplicare a fost pana la 15 Iulie 2013

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