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PhD position in Verification of Distributed Software
In the Formal Methods and Tools (FMT) research group, formal techniques and tools are developed and used as a means to support the development of software. This includes the development of formal theories of concurrency, design methodologies for distributed systems, and correctness assessment using verification or validation techniques. The group is also concerned with the...
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PhD in Thermosphere Density Data
The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology is one of the world's largest faculties devoted entirely to aerospace engineering. In the Netherlands it is the only research and education institute directly related to the aerospace engineering sector. It covers the whole spectrum of aerospace engineering subjects. In aeronautics, the faculty covers...
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PhD on Visual Analytics for Healthcare Workflows
In the context of the ongoing collaboration between the Data Science Centre Eindhoven (DSC/e) and Philips, we are looking for a candidate with a strong background in visualization, computer graphics, and/or human computer interaction for the PhD position - Visual Analytics for Healthcare Workflows. Context The Data Science Centre Eindhoven (DSC/e) is TU/e’s...
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PhD on ultrafast control of cavity QED
The Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics group at the Eindhoven University of Technology has an open PhD student position on solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics. Cavity quantum electrodynamics (cQED) investigates the coupling of single quantum emitters to single photons in optical cavities and has represented one of the most fascinating systems for the study of...
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PhD Modeling and simulation of district heating with seasonal storage
This project focuses on energy-efficient and cost-effective utilization of renewable energy as well as industrial waste-heat for district heating through the use of large-scale, seasonal thermal storage solutions. The objective of the PhD project is to use and expand building energy simulation methods and software for robust optimization under uncertainty in view of design...
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PhD candidate in Strategy and Organization
The University of Amsterdam Business School (ABS) is part of the Faculty of Economics and Business. ABS provides academic courses in accounting, finance, management, marketing, and strategy, based on international research carried out in these areas. Within ABS, the strategy and marketing section is involved in teaching at BSc and MSc levels, as well as in executive...
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PhD candidate in the area of Causal Inference
The Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam invites applications for a fully funded position for a PhD candidate in the area of causal modeling, reasoning and discovery, with a strong focus on applications in molecular biology. The position is part of the VIDI project 'Causal Inference: Theory for Applications' funded by the Netherlands Organization for...
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Ph.D. programme in the Faculty of Informatics at the Universita della Svizzera italiana
The Ph.D. programme in the Faculty of Informatics at the Universit della Svizzera italiana promotes the development of new professionals interested in academic or industrial research careers. A successful Ph.D. student will gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the general field of informatics, as well as an in-depth specialization in an area of interest. Working...
adaugat de Cristian Ion in Burse - ultimele noutati
PhD project - The European Union as Crisis Manager: An Institutional Perspective
We live in a global risk society that challenges the traditional capacities of nation states to deal with a wide variety of adversity. Whether we speak of climate change, suicidal terrorism, cyber wars or terrifying epidemics, these crises increasingly outstrip the response capacity of national bureaucracies. Nation states must cooperate to build international crisis...
adaugat de Maria Dumitru in Burse - ultimele noutati
PhD Candidate in Financial Law: European Banking Union
As a PhD candidate in Financial Law you will conduct doctoral research on a number of legal aspects of the European banking union. A research stay abroad and a work period at a financial institution are options that may be provided. You will be expected to spend 25% of your time on teaching. Work environment You will be appointed at the Institute for Financial Law...
adaugat de Silviu Marinescu in Burse - ultimele noutati



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