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21 USD

Transform Self Doubt into Confidence

Are you engaged in a fulfilling life, moving toward a compelling goal? Some people have a natural ability to know what they want, and pursue it with drive and conviction. Taking one bold step after an
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395 USD

SHAPE Your Future

Welcome to this online course, SHAPE Your Future. The simple lessons with the accompanying exercises will guide you to a better and clearer understanding of your desires and help you decide what are t
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297 USD

How to trade FX in as little as 10 mins a day!

Learning to trade the Foreign Exchange market is like wanting to be a racing driver. If you couldn't drive you wouldn't expect to just jump in the seat of an F1 car start winning races! Trad
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2100 RON
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Curs Coafor Canin Cluj Napoca

Academia va ofera cursuri acreditate de Ministerele Muncii si al Educatiei, cursuri certificate de diplomele obtinute, dar mai ales va ofera pregatire teoretica si practica la standard international

Date incepere curs:   15 Mar 2013 Curs inceput / incheiat

Cluj Napoca Curs cu prezenta   Curs cu prezenta Durata   30 zile Diploma de participare   Diploma de participare: DA Examen certificare   Examen certificare: INCLUS Detalii »