Transform Self Doubt into Confidence

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Are you engaged in a fulfilling life, moving toward a compelling goal?

Some people have a natural ability to know what they want, and pursue it with drive and conviction. Taking one bold step after another, they dont seem to hesitate or second-guess themselves, and gain satisfaction and positive growth wherever they apply themselves.

Others find themselves mired in a holding pattern of self-doubt, confusion, and lack of confidence. Never getting what they want, or even knowing what that might be, they feel stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

This three week course provides the focus, training, and support you need to define your direction, clear self-doubt, and map your steps forward in life. If youve been feeling stuck, and ready for a change, use this course to gain clarity, get traction, and clear your path ahead.

Max Highstein

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: 1) Breaking Free: Finding & Following Your Path
Lecture 1: About This Course (02:13)
Lecture 2: Introduction & Course Instructions (02:23)
Lecture 3: Breaking Free (03:20)
Lecture 4: Guided Audio Process: Break Free & Fulfill Yourself (16:55)
Lecture 5:
Written Assignment for Chapter 1
Lecture 6:
Action Steps for Chapter 1

SECTION 2: 2) Transforming Self Doubt Into Confidence
Lecture 7: Confidence (04:29)
Lecture 8: Guided Audio Process: Transform Self Doubt Into Confidence (16:58)
Lecture 9:
Written Assignment for Chapter 2
Lecture 10:
Action Steps for Chapter 2

SECTION 3: 3) Moving Forward With Clarity and Decisiveness
Lecture 11: Clarity and Decisiveness (10:21)
Lecture 12: Guided Audio Process for Chapter 3 (17:41)
Lecture 13:
Written Assignment for Chapter 3
Lecture 14:
Action Steps for Chapter 3