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Cloud Computing with Google Chrome and the Chromebook Computer

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This is the Udemy on-line edition of the book "The Chrome Book" by C H Rome (a pseudonym), decomposed here into a set of PDF 'lecture' documents. Copyright LOTONtech Limited 2011.


The Essential Guide to cloud computing with the Google Chrome browser, Chromebook computers, and the Chrome OS. In May 2011 Google announced to the world that "Chromebooks Are Here!" and promised a new web-centric world where your Chromebook is always connected, your web pages and web apps run efficiently, you get the same experience wherever and whenever you log in, and you don't need to worry about security and backups. If you're thinking of joining the cloud computing revolution -- with or without a Chromebook -- you'll want to know how to get the most out of the Google Chrome browser, Chrome Web Store, and online applications such as Gmail and Google Docs. And you'll want to hear it from someone who has moved from computer to cloud with Google at the center of his online world.



Structura cursului

SECTION 1: First Edition
Lecture 1: Introduction (3 pages)
Lecture 2: The Case For Cloud Computing with Chrome (6 pages)
Lecture 3: The Chromebook Computer (13 pages)
Lecture 4: The Chrome Web Browser (26 pages)
Lecture 5: Google Docs (16 pages)
Lecture 6: The Chrome Book Your Google Account (5 pages)
Lecture 7: My Head In The Clouds (4 pages)

SECTION 2: Second Edition
Lecture 8: The Chrome Book (Second Edition PDF) (116 pages)