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Start Using Selenium WebDriver with Java

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This course covers the basic setup steps required for anyone starting out with Selenium and Java.

You will learn how to install:

  • Java
  • Maven
  • Ant
  • Firefox and the necessary Firefox plugins to support you automation.
  • IntelliJ
  • Eclipse

And the last few steps will take you through the creation of a simple project with your first test.

After following this course you should be setup to follow the various tutorials on the web, or buy and work through the Selenium Simplified book, or other books on Selenium available.

And if you want to go on a Selenium training course. Then the steps in this course should be the pre-requisite installations and checking instructions to make sure the course goes smoothly.

I produced this course to make it free and easy for people to get started, but also to act as a pre-requisite prior to coming on my WebDriver training course. This way on the training I do we don't have to spend a morning getting the basic tools setup and working, you can do it prior to the course and we can spend more time learning WebDriver Automation.


Alan Richardson

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Introduction
Lecture 1: Introduction (01:45)
12.78 KB
Lecture 2:
Readme Txt
Lecture 3: About Me (03:31)
Lecture 4: Tools Used To Create This Course (01:30)

SECTION 2: Special Offer - 25% off WebDriver Course
Lecture 5:
Get 25% off the Selenium WebDriver Basics Course

SECTION 3: Install Firefox
Lecture 6: Install Firefox Browser (04:25)
Lecture 7: Install Firefox Plugins (04:06)

SECTION 4: Install Support Utilities
Lecture 8: Install Console2 (02:08)
Lecture 9: Install Rapid Environment Editor (01:10)

SECTION 5: Install Java
Lecture 10: Install Java Sdk (02:39)

SECTION 6: Install Build Tools
Lecture 11: Install Mvn (08:34)
Lecture 12: Install Ant (02:00)

SECTION 7: Install an IDE
Lecture 13: Introduction to the Integrated Development Environments (IDE) (01:43)
Lecture 14: Install Eclipse (04:48)
Lecture 15: Install Intellij (02:22)

SECTION 8: A Simple Example Project
Lecture 16: Intro First Project With Maven (00:23)
Lecture 17:
A few up to date notes - read this to update your project
Lecture 18: A simple Eclipse project using maven (10:59)
Lecture 19: A simple IntelliJ project Using Maven (09:10)

SECTION 9: Running your tests using Maven
Lecture 20: Running From Maven Intro (01:15)
Lecture 21: Running Tests From Command Line Maven (01:54)
Lecture 22: Running Maven Tests From Intellij Ide (01:26)
Lecture 23: Where I Fail To Get Maven Working Within Eclipse (02:33)
Lecture 24: Maven Running Within Eclipse Properly (03:13)

SECTION 10: Make Command Line Easier
Lecture 25: Use Console2 (01:44)
Lecture 26: Use Conemu (04:42)

SECTION 11: Using Ant
Lecture 27: Running Tests From Command Line Ant (09:21)

SECTION 12: Next Steps
Lecture 28:
Next Steps - Web Resources
Lecture 29:
Next Steps - Read other people's code
Lecture 30:
Next Steps - books
Lecture 31:
Next Steps - learn Java

SECTION 13: Get the source code
Lecture 32: Importing the source code into maven from GIT (01:38)
Lecture 33: Updating the version of Selenium (01:40)