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UML Software Design with Visual Studio 2010

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The is the Udemy edition of the book "UML Software Design with Visual Studio 2010" by Tony Loton, structured here as a set of PDF "lectures". Copyright Tony Loton / LOTONtech 2010.


Having flirted with the Unified Modeling Language for over a decade, in the 'Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition' Microsoft has integrated UML visual modeling features directly in the IDE - making it a truly Integrated Development Environment. This book explores the new UML capabilities both from the analyst's top-down conceptual modeling perspective and from the developer's code-centric visualisation perspective. Those of you for whom the 'Ultimate Edition' is just out of reach will discover how you can benefit from the legacy Visio UML integration and the architectural modeling capabilities of the other Visual Studio 2010 editions.



Structura cursului

SECTION 1: My First Section
Lecture 1: Introduction (6 pages)
Lecture 2: UML, End To End (7 pages)
Lecture 3: A Brief History of UML with Visual Studio (3 pages)
Lecture 4: Visual Studio 2010 UML for Analysts and Designers (36 pages)
Lecture 5: Best Practices and the Software Development Process (12 pages)
Lecture 6: Visual Studio 2010 UML for Developers (20 pages)
Lecture 7: Visualization and the Modeling Feature Pack (3 pages)
Lecture 8: Visio 2010 UML (7 pages)
Lecture 9: Appendix A - RE.NET Reverse Engineering C# Source Code (10 pages)