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Zen Cart E-Commerce Quick Start

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Take a fast-paced journey into the world of Zen Cart ecommerce with Ten Ton Zen Cart: E-Commerce Quick Start! Delving into e-commerce can be a murky, complicated (and even scary!) undertaking, but with Ten Ton Zen Cart: E-Commerce Quick Start as your guide, you’ll have your Zen Cart store up and running in no time. Join award-winning trainer and presenter Geoff Blake as you gain a big picture understanding of how e-commerce works. In his casual and fun style, Geoff will show you how to get the Zen Cart installation running smoothly, tour you though the various Zen Cart admin screens and consoles, and how to efficiently work with Zen Carts features. Then, learn how to set up products and test customers to ensure your store’s running smoothly. Next, learn how to configure and test the variety of the Zen Cart shipping and payment methods that are provided. Finally, get answers to the most common Zen Cart configuration and customization questions. All this and more awaits in Ten Ton Zen Cart: E-Commerce Quick Start, so let’s get started!


Ten Ton Online

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Welcome To Ten Ton Zen Cart E-Commerce Quick Start!
Lecture 1: So Ya Ready For Some Zen Cart? (02:56)

SECTION 2: Gettin' Started With Zen Cart And E-Commerce!
Lecture 2: Introducing Zen Cart (04:30)
Lecture 3: Understanding What Zen Cart Can Do (A Feature Overview) (09:06)
Lecture 4: The Straight Goods: How E-Commerce Works (05:14)

SECTION 3: Touring The Interface And Setting Up Test Accounts And Products!
Lecture 5: Viewing Your Storefront (05:22)
Lecture 6: Touring Through The Admin Console (15:36)
Lecture 7: Creating A Test Customer (05:31)
Lecture 8: Viewing The Welcome Email And Customer Account (04:28)
Lecture 9: Setting Up A Test Product (09:32)
Lecture 10: Creating A Second Test Product (06:02)

SECTION 4: Gettin' Your Store Set Up!
Lecture 11: Setting Your Store's General Info (03:16)
Lecture 12: Setting The Store's Contact Information (04:42)
Lecture 13: An Overview Of Shipping Options (10:33)
Lecture 14: An Overview Of Payment Options (07:19)

SECTION 5: Gettin' Started With Customization!
Lecture 15: Understanding FTP And How To Change The Header Image (25:03)
Lecture 16: How To Change Or Delete The "Sales Message Goes Here" Text (06:21)
Lecture 17: How To Change Or Remove The Logo (08:49)
Lecture 18: How To Change Or Disable The "Welcome Guest" Message (02:57)

SECTION 6: Wrapping Things Up!
Lecture 19: Thanks For Watching! Here's A Preview Of Ten Ton Zen Cart Essentials (03:22)
Lecture 20: Closing Credits (00:36)