Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals

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Administrative Professionals: Representing Your Boss

  • identify the skills and personal qualities necessary for success as an administrative support professional


  • match strategies for meeting the needs of your boss to examples of how to implement them


  • recognize examples of ways to convey a confident and authoritative impression when representing your boss


  • use the steps to communicate a decision for your boss, in a given scenario




Administrative Professionals: Common Administrative Support Tasks

  • use the alphabetic, numeric, and alphanumeric classification systems to sort given records


  • recognize how to plan a business trip


  • identify the main considerations for international travel


  • recognize how to plan and schedule meetings


  • identify steps to take when recording meetings




Administrative Professionals: Maximizing Your Relationship with Your Boss

  • recognize the necessary elements for building and maintaining a positive partnership with your boss


  • recognize appropriate responses for dealing with a boss who is exhibiting a particular management style


  • use assertive techniques to successfully handle a confrontation with your boss




Administrative Professionals: Interacting with Others

  • recognize how to be a supportive colleague and member of your boss's team


  • recognize how to effectively ask for help from your coworkers


  • use constructive techniques to deal with criticism




Administrative Professionals: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

  • recognize how to build credibility and maintain authenticity to project a positive, professional image


  • take actions to counteract a negative work environment


  • recognize examples of tactics that reflect the guidelines for practicing positive office politics




Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals Simulation

  • working effectively to meet your boss's needs.


  • executing common administrative support tasks.


  • maintaining an effective relationship with your boss.


  • putting your best foot forward.