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79 USD

The Art of Black and White Photography

Many of the most powerful, memorable and effective photographs are black and white images. With digital photography though, you can no longer take a great black and white photograph, ... but you can c
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How to Self-Publish Your Book

This is the Udemy on-line version of Tony Loton's book titled "Book Publishing DIY" (Second Edition), decomposed into a series of "lecture" documents. Copyright Tony Loton / LOTONtech Limited 201
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E-Book Publishing DIY

This is the UDemy e-course version of Tony Loton's e-book titled "E-Book Publishing DIY", Copyright LOTONtech Limited 2012. The content is identical to the original e-book, arranged here as a ser
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97 USD

Writing Fit: Creativity Coaching for Writers

If you want to be a bestseller, you don't have to write like one. You have to think like one. Using this unique creative writing course you grow your own creative brain the way your favourite bes
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89 USD

WordPress for Wedding Photographers

Are you a wedding photographer that wants to have a better looking website?  Or, a website that you own and can make changes whenever you want without having to pay someone and wait for all the c
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39 USD

Video Editing 101 (Final Cut Pro)

In this beginning editing course, professional video editor and educational technology guru Phil Ebiner takes you through the basic skills using Final Cut Pro. Here is what you'll be covering:Sto
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39 USD

Turn Your Screenplay into a Kindle Novel - Make Money

Writing a screenplay is one of the toughest tasks anyone can undertake. It can take months even years to craft your story to the point where is can be shopped around. Unfortunately Hollywood is making
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49 USD

The Wonderful World of Digital Art and Photography

In this course, I will walk you step by step, through the process that I use to make beautiful photographic art! Woo your clients and friends with the beautiful pictures that you can create and maybe
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