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This is the UDemy e-course version of Tony Loton's e-book titled "E-Book Publishing DIY", Copyright LOTONtech Limited 2012. The content is identical to the original e-book, arranged here as a series of 'lecture' documents.


Tony Loton's completely revised and updated third edition of... "E-Book Publishing DIY" .. on how to publish an e-book in Three Easy Steps!

Having experimented with various e-book formats and publishing routes, I now realise that writing and publishing an e-book doesn’t have to be half as complicated as it is often portrayed to be. I hope to convince you likewise with my simple three step formula.

Publish your e-book in PDF, Kindle and ePub formats on Amazon, Google Books, your own web site... and more.

About the Author

Tony Loton is a publishing consultant who has helped many first-time authors realise their dream of publishing print books and e-books.




Structura cursului

SECTION 1: My First Section
Lecture 1: About the Author and This Edition (2 pages)
Lecture 2: Step 1 - Prepare Your Manuscript (6 pages)
Lecture 3: Step 2 - Create Your Cover (3 pages)
Lecture 4: Step 3 - Publish Your E-Book (10 pages)
Lecture 5: Afterthoughts (2 pages)