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If you want to be a bestseller, you don't have to write like one. You have to think like one.

Using this unique creative writing course you grow your own creative brain the way your favourite bestselling writers did.

Eight full hours of downloadable audio training you can listen to while driving*, crafting or relaxing to power up your creativity.

What do bestselling authors and other creative writers have that makes them so creative? Quite simply, their brains are different.

This course, using a brand new training method called CGP, shows you a way you can literally reprogram your own brain for better writing creativity, and the change is going to be permanent, or as permanent as you want it to be.

You see, you write with your mind and your brain, not a dictionary or a grammar book. You create ideas from your mind, not cookie cutter templates of how to structure a screenplay.

So it follows that if you want to be as creative as the most successful bestselling writers and win literary prizes you need to do some work on your brain, because once you do that you can eat tutorials on narrative flow, character development and subtext for breakfast... and still have room for Corn Flakes®.

In this course you will be shown how to develop your authentic creative genius using CGP – a new methodology for creative self development, transforming the way you think about ideas & nurturing your brain, while learning to drink effortlessly from your own original and bottomless well of creativity. It's easy and natural because it uses naturally occurring processes in the brain to do all the work. This is the same way that creative geniuses got the way they are, you are just doing it faster and on purpose. 

The training consists of learning the intimate life cycle of ideas; the secrets to developing your brain circuitry for creative use; and mind training tricks to develop the perfect mental state for creativity.

On the subject of the perfect brainwave states for creativity and as an example that successful authors use these techniques, even if they don't know it, check out this video of bestselling crime author Patricia Cornwell talking about her favourite place to create. The watching and listening to the water she talks about is a form of Alpha Technique, almost a meditation. And it clearly works because as you may know she is mind-blowingly successful.

Anyway, that's more than enough introduction and explanation, let's get to it.

*NB: The base modules of the course may be enjoyed while driving but audio enhanced Alpha techniques should not be listened to while driving or operating machnery.


Phil South

Structura cursului

Lecture 1: What is CGP? (08:34)

SECTION 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: 00 Introduction to Writing Fit and CGP (20:40)

SECTION 2: Course Modules
Lecture 3: 01 Desire Module (19:12)
Lecture 4: 02 Ideas Module (27:08)
Lecture 5: 03 Consciousness Module (26:32)
Lecture 6: 04 Flow Module (18:28)
Lecture 7: 05 Deep Practice Module (26:03)
Lecture 8: 06 Authenticity Module (22:34)
Lecture 9: 07 Fear Of Failure Module (17:46)
Lecture 10: 08 Craft Module (27:09)
Lecture 11: 09 Setup Module (11:50)
Lecture 12: 10 Writing Fitness Module (13:06)

SECTION 3: Conclusion and Credits
Lecture 13: 11 Outro (07:43)

SECTION 4: Alpha Techniques
Lecture 14: 01 Desire Alpha (21:08)
Lecture 15: 02 Ideas Alpha (21:08)
Lecture 16: 03 Consciousness Alpha (19:47)
Lecture 17: 04 Flow Alpha (21:22)
Lecture 18: 05 Deep Practice Alpha (20:39)
Lecture 19: 06 Authenticity Alpha (19:47)
Lecture 20: 07 Failure Alpha (21:08)
Lecture 21: 08 Craft Alpha (20:41)
Lecture 22: 09 Setup Alpha (20:18)
Lecture 23: 10 Writing Fitness Alpha (20:39)

SECTION 5: Support Materials
Lecture 24: CGP Writing Fit WORKBOOK (14 pages)
Lecture 25: General Meditation Alpha Technique (21:12)
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Lecture 26:
Free Bonus eBooks
Lecture 27: How to Make Big Bucks Selling Your Movie Idea to Hollywood (7 pages)
Lecture 28: How to Plot Your Novel or Screenplay (9 pages)