Easy JV Money - How To Make Money With A Joint Venture

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Easy JV Money is a powerful online video course that reveals a series of powerful business shortcuts to help you build your email database, and then to use that to dominate the affiliate marketing game.

Inside the course, I share...

- The secret success structure I've now used many times over to build a following of over 100,000 leads in three different industries!

- How a strange story about a hedgehog and a fox helped me find my key focus area, and ignore ALL other opportunities that would distract me from doing amazing joint ventures...

- What the beach has to do with you securing your best ever joint venture partner... someone who could send you a FLOOD of instant traffic and BUYING customers...

- How to make 100% sure that you get your first "universe changing" business launch off to a great start...

- How I sold close to $100,000 in product in less than 2 weeks, with only 4 emails and one short YouTube clip...

- And much MUCH more!

Each lesson is accompanied by a fulll transcript in pdf format, the mp4 download of the video, plus the mp3 audio download of just the soundtrack, so that you can absorb the course from anywhere at any time of your choice!

As with all my courses, the Easy JV Money course also comes with a 30 Day Money Back guarantee so that you can watch the whole thing and even start getting your own results before the 30 day period is up.

In any case, I'd love for you to join me in this course - I just know you'll love the information I share.

Talk soon!

Gideon Shalwick


Gideon Shalwick

Structura cursului

Lecture 1:
What The Easy JV Money Course Is All About

SECTION 1: Introduction To JV Marketing
Lecture 2:
Watch First! Welcome To Easy JV Money And Handy Resources...
Lecture 3:
What The Easy JV Money Program Is And How It Will Give You A Shortcut To Success Online!

SECTION 2: Internal JV Marketing
Lecture 4:
Internal Joint Venture Marketing - The Ultimate Shortcut For Your Success Online!
Lecture 5:
Revealed! The Beach Head Strategy For Kickstarting Your Business...
Lecture 6:
Case Study #1 - My First Failed Attempt And Specific Lessons For You
Lecture 7:
Case Study 2 - How NOT To Set Up Your Partnerships!
Lecture 8:
Casy Study 3 - My First Massive Success And Why It Worked!
Lecture 9:
The Flipped Beach Head Strategy - Now You've Become The Master!
Lecture 10:
How The Collaboration Strategy Can Give You The Ultimate Leverage Through Complimentary Target Customers

SECTION 3: External JV Marketing
Lecture 11:
The Secret To Successful Affiliate Marketing - AKA External Joint Venture Marketing
Lecture 12:
Three Powerful Strategies For Maximising Affiliate Sales Conversions
Lecture 13:
Case Study 1 - How I Sold Close To $100,000 Worth Of Products In Less Than 2 Weeks!
Lecture 14:
Case Study 2 - $16k In Sales With Minimal Effort (This Was Almost Like Printing Money!)
Lecture 15:
Case Study 3 - $28k In Sales From 3 Emails And A Short YouTube Clip!