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This is the Udemy edition of the book "Position Trading" by Tony Loton, available here as a set of PDF "lectures". Copyright Tony Loton / LOTONtech Limited 2011.


You have no doubt heard the phrase ""a long-term investment is a short-term trade gone bad"", meaning that when a stock falls in price soon after purchase we tend to hold on 'for the long term' in the hope of a recovery. This book turns that phrase on its head by presenting the position trader's mantra: "a long-term investment is a short-term trade gone well".

You will learn how to pick the right stocks at the right time; but not until you have mastered the essential arts of:

* using diversification to spread your risk.

* cutting losses and securing profits with stop orders.

* not staking too much too soon thanks to effective position sizing.

* pyramiding more money into your winning positions.

* leveraging your investments for greater gains.

In a nutshell you will learn how to... "BUY like a Trader and HOLD like an Investor"

WARNING: This strategy could seriously damage your wealth...or make you rich!

Companion website at www.lotontech.com/positiontrading



Structura cursului

SECTION 1: My First Section
1 page
Lecture 1:
About the Author
Lecture 2: About the Precursor Books and This Edition (4 pages)
Lecture 3: Introduction to Position Trading (9 pages)
Lecture 4: On Diversification (8 pages)
Lecture 5: On Stop Orders (13 pages)
Lecture 6: On Position Sizing (6 pages)
Lecture 7: On Pyramiding (14 pages)
Lecture 8: On Leverage (7 pages)
Lecture 9: On Stock Picking (28 pages)
Lecture 10: On Dividends (5 pages)
Lecture 11: Synthesis (18 pages)
Lecture 12: Proof of the Pudding (18 pages)
Lecture 13: Automating the Strategy (15 pages)
Lecture 14: Q&A (12 pages)
1 page
Lecture 15:
Visit Me
Lecture 16: Appendix A - Support and Resistance (4 pages)
Lecture 17: Definitions of Position Trading (2 pages)
Lecture 18: Also by Tony Loton (2 pages)