Startup University: Mixergy's The Lean Launch Guide

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Mixergy produced the "Lean Launch Guide" below. We thought this was such a good resource that we included it in Startup University.

Mixergy produces high quality interviews with experienced entrepreneurs to share their startup stories. Mixergy has had incredible people on including Paul Graham, Tim Ferriss, Naval Ravikant, and more to give in depth interviews about their startups. Below is a guide about lean launching compiled from Eric Ries, Hiten Shah, Christian Owens, and Eric Stevens interviews with Andrew Warner the founder of Mixergy.

Andrew Warner's Message:

What product do you want to launch?

When I surveyed my audience of entrepreneurs on Mixergy, they told me their biggest challenge was creating products that don't take forever to launch and won't suck up capital before turning a profit.

So I put together 4 interviews with the people whose guidance I turn to when I need to launch a new project. Then I made each interview actionable.

I hired a writer to tightly edit the transcripts of each program into a guide that will change forever the way you create new products. It will give you a framework for launching leanly. And it will empower your customers to show you how to improve your product and make it irresistible.

What's included

Tightly-edited, highly-focused transcripts
Each one is designed to be read like a book and comes from an entrepreneur that I consider an authority on the topic.

40 action points, compiled from the interviews
No need to hunt through each interview to figure out how to take immediate action. The key steps are outlined for you.

Remastered MP3 of each interview
No commercials and the audio has been rebalanced for smooth sound quality.


Andrew Warner

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: My First Section
Lecture 1: Audio Only - Christian Owens - Million dollar launch (55:04)
Lecture 2: PDF Guide - Christian Owens - Million dollar launch (24 pages)
Lecture 3:
Audio Only - Eric Ries - Lean startup methodology
Lecture 4: PDF Guide - Eric Ries - Lean startup methodology (27 pages)
Lecture 5: Audio Only - Eric Stephens - Getting useful feedback (40:33)
Lecture 6: PDF Guide - Eric Stephens - Getting useful feedback (20 pages)
Lecture 7:
Audio Only - Hiten Shah - Avoiding terrible failure
Lecture 8: PDF Guide - Hiten Shah - Avoiding terrible failure (23 pages)