Zero Marketing Budget Workshop

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You have the power to generate more leads and build your profile at zero cost.

The Zero Marketing Budget Workshop will teach you marketing strategies that will help you grow your business on a limited marketing budget.

Ideal for start ups and business owners seeking ways to promote their business at little cost. 

The course will provide you with...

  • a simple, actionable and effective set of zero cost marketing strategies.
  • a greater understanding of how you can promote your business with a zero marketing budget.
  • a marketing direction and increased motivation to drive your business forward.
  • a more focused vision of your end goal – more business.
Through watching all of the Zero Marketing Budget Workshop videos, carrying out the exercises and taking the actions provided, you will become more focused in how you look for new business. You will develop greater clarity in the ways you promote your business. You will be more structured in the steps you take to win more business and you will realize better results from your marketing activities.

John Jordan

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Introduction
Lecture 1: Introduction (01:17)
Lecture 2: Starting Point - Database Importance (08:49)

SECTION 2: Zero Cost Marketing Strategies
Lecture 3: Make More Money from Your Offerings (05:49)
Lecture 4: Think Client First to Grow Your Business (08:24)
Lecture 5: Maximizing Referrals (06:47)
Lecture 6: Successful Networking (09:40)
Lecture 7: Media Monitoring For More Business (07:13)

SECTION 3: Wrap Up
Lecture 8: The Closing Point - Take Action (04:35)

SECTION 4: Extras
67.96 KB
Lecture 9:
Next Chapter Cross Seller Up Seller Tool (c)
Lecture 10: e-chapter - Database Importance (4 pages)
Lecture 11: e-chapter - Make More Money From Your Offerings (5 pages)
Lecture 12: e-chapter - Think Client First To Grow Your Business (5 pages)
Lecture 13: e-chapter - Maximizing Referrals (4 pages)
Lecture 14: e-chapter - Successful Networking (3 pages)
Lecture 15: e-chapter - Media Monitoring for More Business (3 pages)