Customer Focus

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Identifying and Managing Customer Expectations

  • match ways of getting feedback from customers to when it's appropriate to use each technique


  • apply the steps involved in exploring customers' needs in a given scenario


  • recognize how CRM helps you manage customer expectations




Creating and Sustaining a Customer-focused Organization

  • determine the level and scope of organizational customer focus in a given scenario


  • implement a customer-focus strategy in a given scenario


  • recognize examples of how customer focus can be sustained in an organization




Customer-focused Interaction

  • match each of the advantages of social media in customer-focused service to examples


  • identify ways to measure social media's ROI


  • recognize examples of the benefits of knowledge management in customer-focused service


  • describe how knowledge management is used in customer interaction


  • identify key concepts associated with mobile CRM


  • recognize the advantages of understanding how mobile technology is applied in customer service




Listening to Your Customers


Developing Your Customer Focus