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Do you hesitate to use technology in your classroom, because you don't understand how to use it? Or worse; you don't want to look like a fool in front of your students, because you think that they know more than you do about technology? Then PowerPoint for Teachers is the course for you! This introductory PowerPoint course was created for teachers that feel challenged by educational technology, yet want to learn how to use it in their teaching practice so that they can engage their students.

Through a series of video tutorials and exercises, you will learn how to use PowerPoint in your teaching practice. Your students be will be amazed with your Ed Tech skills after you have completed this course.

PowerPoint for Teachers teaches you:

  • how to create, add, and delete PowerPoint slides
  • how to manipulate images in PowerPoint
  • how to insert video and audio clips into your PowerPoint presentations
  • tips and tricks to help you teach your students how to create engaging presentations

You will also receive:

  • Classroom-ready PowerPoint presentations that you can use to teach your students PowerPoint concepts
  • Lesson & Project  ideas that you can implement in your classroom

This course lets you control how and when you learn PowerPoint and its potential uses in your classroom.

Imagine learning PowerPoint on your own terms...

  • Imagine learning how to use ed tech applications in the comfort of your own home. Picture yourself in your jammies, sitting on your couch with your laptop and a cup of coffee learning how to use PowerPoint.
  • Imagine sitting on your patio, the sun is shining on your face, and youre learning how you can use ed tech in your classroom.
  • Imagine being able  to review a course video as often as you need to until you grasp a particular concept (PowerPoint concepts are fairly easy to grasp, but if you don't fully understand you have the option of rewinding the course video).
  • Imagine being able to answer a student's question about a PowerPoint concept that he/she doesn't understand - you simply log on to this course from your classroom and find the answer for the student. Imagine that! 
                                                    Stop imagining and register for PowerPoint for Teachers.

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: About This Course
Lecture 1: About PowerPoint For Teachers (01:47)
Lecture 2: PowerPoint For Teachers Tour (02:47)

SECTION 2: What Version of PowerPoint Are You Using?
Lecture 3:
Different Versions of PowerPoint
Lecture 4: PowerPoint 2003 (3 pages)
Lecture 5: Power Point 2007 (2 pages)

SECTION 3: What Is PowerPoint?
Lecture 6: What Is PowerPoint? (01:43)

SECTION 4: PowerPoint Basics
Lecture 7:
Comments About This Chapter
Lecture 8: How To Create Power Point Slides (16:47)
Lecture 9: Practicing What You Learned : How to Create PowerPoint Slides Exercise Files (12 pages)
Lecture 10: How To Insert Pictures Into Power Point Slides (08:44)
Lecture 11: Practicing What You Learned: How to Insert Pictures into PowerPoint Exercise File (11 pages)
4.26 MB
Lecture 12:
Airplanes - Image Exercise File
Lecture 13: Inserting ClipArt Into PowerPoint (06:34)
Lecture 14: Practicing What You Learned: How to Insert ClipArt into PowerPoint Exercise File (8 pages)
Lecture 15: How To Insert Video Into Power Point (05:54)
Lecture 16: Practicing What You Learned: How to Insert Video into PowerPoint Exercise File (10 pages)
Lecture 17: Smart Art Tips For Teachers (06:35)
Lecture 18: Adding Audio To PowerPoint (05:17)
Lecture 19: Practicing What You Learned: How To Insert Audio Into PowerPoint Exercise File (8 pages)

SECTION 5: Design Skills for PowerPoint
Lecture 20:
Comments About This Chapter
Lecture 21: PowerPoint Design (09:39)
Lecture 22: Sprucing Up Slides With Themes (05:46)
Lecture 23: Font Enhancements (07:11)
Lecture 24: Picture Effects For Power Point (05:39)
Lecture 25: PowerPoint Animations (07:42)
Lecture 26:
PowerPoint Design Teaching Tips

SECTION 6: Effective PowerPoint Presentation Skills
Lecture 27:
Comments About This Chapter
Lecture 28: Presentation Skills (03:22)
Lecture 29: Adding Speaker Notes (08:59)
Lecture 30: Automating Your PowerPoint Presentation (08:32)
Lecture 31:
Presentation Teaching Tips

SECTION 7: Lesson & Project Ideas
Lecture 32:
Comments About This Chapter
Lecture 33: Power Point Lesson And Project Ideas (5 pages)
Lecture 34: Jeopardy (06:43)

SECTION 8: Downloadable PowerPoint Presentations & Worksheets
Lecture 35:
Comments About This Chapter
1.01 MB
Lecture 36:
What Is PowerPoint (Classroom Version)?
9.44 MB
Lecture 37:
What Is Power Point (Classroom Version 97 2003)?
1.6 MB
Lecture 38:
PowerPoint Design ( Classroom Version )
2.78 MB
Lecture 39:
PowerPoint Design Classroom Version 97 2003
2.38 MB
Lecture 40:
Presentation Skills (Classroom Version)
3.73 MB
Lecture 41:
Presentation Skills (1997 2003) - Classroom Version
1 page
Lecture 42:
Blank Storyboard

SECTION 9: Thank You
Lecture 43: Thank You (00:47)