Reinventing School - A Design Thinking Challenge

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Mission: Encourage life-long learning, promote alternative learning environments and equip you with 21st Century skills.

The Reinventing School challenge is hands on, encourages discussion of the issues facing learners today and empowers young people, teachers and other members of the community to come up with solutions and share them for all to benefit.

Challenge 1. What does an ideal learning environment look like? 

Guiding questions:

  1. What inspires you to learn?
  2. What learning innovation have you used to teach or learn?
  3. How might teachers, parents, and students work in a partnership of learning? 
  4. How might we design the classroom of the future?

Students, teachers and subject matter experts from all over are invited to get involved and collaborate. Form or join a team and research, ideate, design, remix and prototype new possibilities to reinvent the school experience.

The challenge can take place in or out of the school environment and teams can be a diverse mix of students, teachers, parents, business people. Teams can even be made up from people from different locations in the world, in fact we encourage students from Australia to collaborate with classrooms from other places.


Feel free to connect and ask questions, share ideas, and request a Skype meeting or class discussion.

Email: bok[at]

Skype: ideasthatgive [Mail me to request a time, I'm not always on]

Skype for Education:


Brendan O'Keefe

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Introduction
Lecture 1:
Welcome to the Education Revolution
Lecture 2:
Your invitation to change the face of education

SECTION 2: The Brief
Lecture 3:
The Brief - An Outline

SECTION 3: Preparation
Lecture 4:
Form a team for the Reinventing School Challenge
Lecture 5:
Create an edmodo account
Lecture 6: Edmodo Tutorial (05:00)
Lecture 7:
Create a Skype for the Classroom account
Lecture 8:
Create a Socrative/Poll Everywhere account
Lecture 9: Socrative introduction video (03:46)
Lecture 10:
Create a Prezi account
Lecture 11: What is Prezi? - The official intro video (01:09)
Lecture 12:
Research the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework
Lecture 13:
Watch inspirational video playlist
Lecture 14:
Prepare your team(s)
Lecture 15:
Design Thinking for Educators
Lecture 16: Why Design Thinking? (03:02)

SECTION 4: Limited Seat Google Hangouts
Lecture 17:
Google Hangout Schedule

SECTION 5: Guest Speaker Schedule
Lecture 18:
Speaker Schedule

SECTION 6: Tools & Resources
Lecture 19:
Insightful Resources
Lecture 20:
Tools and Resources

SECTION 7: Challenge Tasks
Lecture 21:
Empathy - Step 1
Lecture 22:
Futurecast/Visualise - Step 2
Lecture 23:
What's going on/Needfinding - Step 3
Lecture 24:
Point of View/Define - Step 4
Lecture 25:
Ideate/Brainstorm - Step 5
Lecture 26:
Prototype & Test - Step 6
Lecture 27:
Present/Reflect/Share - Step 7

SECTION 8: Inspiration
Lecture 28: Engage Me! (02:40)
Lecture 29: SCHOOL OF ONE (03:23)
Lecture 30: 7 Skills students need for their future (29:12)
Lecture 31: A Whole New Mind (31 slides)
Lecture 32: Linchpins (37 slides)
Lecture 33: Khan Academy on the Gates Notes (02:22)
Lecture 34: Sugata Mitra's new experiments in self-teaching (17:26)
Lecture 35: Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge (12:04)
Lecture 36: Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education (04:23)
Lecture 37: RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms (11:41)
Lecture 38: Making Sure They Are Learning (04:51)
Lecture 39: SCIL - Tomorrow's School Today project (01:33)
Lecture 40: TEDxPhilly - Chris Lehmann - Education is broken (16:55)

SECTION 9: Supporting Documents
Lecture 41: The Art of Powerful Questions - World Caf (18 pages)
Lecture 42: Asking Effective Questions (7 pages)
Lecture 43: The Art and Architecture of Powerful Questions (7 pages)
19.44 MB
Lecture 44:
Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators V1
Lecture 45: Bootcampbootleg 2010 (48 slides)
Lecture 46: Design Thinking Teacher Takeaway (12 pages)
Lecture 47: Intro To Design Thinking (32 pages)
Lecture 48: 100 Whats of Creativity (135 pages)
Lecture 49:
79 Ideas for Using Design to Transform Teaching and Learning
6.98 MB
Lecture 50:
Edupunks Guide
Lecture 51: Voice Of The Student Presetation (35 pages)
Lecture 52: Digital Storytelling ebook (28 pages)
Lecture 53: The Reformers Are Leaving Our Schools In The 20th Century (18 pages)
143.89 KB
Lecture 54:
The Classroom is Obsolete
2.33 MB
Lecture 55:
30 Strategies for Education Innovation
Lecture 56: Rapid Prototyping 13 Right Lawrence (4 pages)
Lecture 57: PBL Planning Guide (3 pages)
Lecture 58: Creative Workshop: Teacher's Guide (72 pages)
Lecture 59: The 10 1/2 Commandments of Visual Thinking (14 slides)
Lecture 60:
Creating the future today
Lecture 61: Framework for 21st Century Learning (2 pages)