Virtual Meetings & Events: Strategy and Solutions

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We all want to meet, learn, communicate, and network on-the-go. It's how business is done today.

Do you have time for all the research that goes into developing a virtual technology solutions strategy for your meetings and events?

Well - we've done the work for you! 

Expand your reach and your value with this course, by learning:

  • The attributes of each technology type: webinar, webcast, webconference, podcast, teleconference, teleseminar and teleclass.
  • The features, uses, characteristics, user experience, and pricing variables.
  • How to determine which technologies are right for your event.
  • How to select the right service provider.
  • How to evaluate the cost of producing a digital event.

Plus, you'll get:

  • A compilation of best practices;
  • A flowchart to guide you through selecting the right technology type for your event;
  • Features checklists that help you zero in on the right service provider;
  • And a cost analysis worksheet that helps you evaluate the cost of an event, keep track of vendor quotes, and present your solutions to higher-up or a client. 

This course is 36 minutes long, contains a combination of instructor- led video lectures and downloadable materials, and is broken down into easily consumable sections.


Thomas Campbell

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Learning outcomes
Lecture 1: What you'll learn (01:04)

SECTION 2: Determine event requirements
Lecture 2: Evaluate event planning elements: Objective, Scope, Scale & Purpose (02:59)

SECTION 3: Determine Meeting Type
Lecture 3: Scenario 1 (01:55)
Lecture 4: Scenario 2 (01:05)
Lecture 5: Scenario 3 (02:47)

SECTION 4: Tele Events
Lecture 6: Tele Events Overview (01:14)
Lecture 7: Teleconference (02:24)
Lecture 8: Teleseminar (01:52)
Lecture 9: Teleclass (01:43)

SECTION 5: Web Events
Lecture 10: Web Events Overview (01:14)
Lecture 11: Webconference (03:23)
Lecture 12: Webcast (02:58)
Lecture 13: Podcast/Vodcast (01:51)
Lecture 14: Webinar (02:46)

SECTION 6: Additional Considerations
Lecture 15: Avoid these pitfalls! (04:23)

SECTION 7: Cost Analysis
Lecture 16:
Meeting and Event Technology Cost Analysis Worksheet

SECTION 8: What's next?
Lecture 17: Wrap up and downloads (01:45)