WordPress:Quick & Easy VIDEO Way To Learn How To Use It

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 WordPress is an excellent way for you (and your business If you have one) to establish a growing, thriving online presence. Unfortunately, the learning curve is fairly steep when it comes to setting it up THE RIGHT WAY! Quick & Easy Video Way To Learn WordPress FLATTENS That Curve

It's a proven fact that MOST people who try to create a WordPress give up! If you've failed to be able to create a site of your own OR you're thinking about starting to try to use WordPress, PLEASE pay close attention to the following:

Don't Waste Any Time Trying To Figure Out How WordPress Works,
This Is As Close To A "Foolproof" System That You'll Ever Be To Find ANYWHERE!


Dennis Lively

Structura cursului

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Lecture 1:
Course Introduction

SECTION 1: Installing It
Lecture 2: Installing WordPress Using Cpanel (04:32)
Lecture 3: Installing WordPress Manually (10:18)
Lecture 4: Cleaning Up Before You Start (02:45)

SECTION 2: Working With The Dashboard
Lecture 5: Setting Up Permalinks (Don't worry what it means, it's important!) (05:55)
Lecture 6: Customizing Your WordPress Dashboard (02:51)
Lecture 7: Making Your First Post (05:56)
Lecture 8: Making A Page In WordPress (03:21)
Lecture 9: Adding An Image To WordPress (03:41)

SECTION 3: Playing With Plugins
Lecture 10: PlugIns Are Important (02:10)
Lecture 11: PlugIns Continued (03:16)
Lecture 12: Updating Plugins (01:43)

SECTION 4: Themes Make You Look GOOD!
Lecture 13: Themes Part 1 (02:56)
Lecture 14: Themes Doing Them Manually (03:09)
Lecture 15: Themes How TO Upgrade Them (01:40)
Lecture 16: Themes How To Customize Them (05:02)

SECTION 5: Widgets & SPAM And Bears Oh MY!
Lecture 17: Widgets (07:05)
Lecture 18: SPAM (06:44)
Lecture 19: Your SPAM Killer (02:55)

SECTION 6: Connecting With The Outside World
Lecture 20: Let people contact you (05:47)
Lecture 21: Customizing Your Contact Form (06:01)
Lecture 22: Choosing Who Sees Your Ste (03:31)
Lecture 23: Working With Menus (No Food Involved) (04:57)
Lecture 24: Installing Audio (04:18)
Lecture 25: Customizing Your Audio (07:12)
Lecture 26: Using Gravatars (03:31)
Lecture 27: The Importance Of Testimonials (03:48)
Lecture 28: How To Use YouTube (02:53)
Lecture 29: Working With Friendly Posts (01:58)
Lecture 30: How (and why) To Ping (03:16)

SECTION 7: When All Else Fails...
Lecture 31: Don't Worry, You Can Always Punt! (02:22)

SECTION 8: End Of Course Review
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Lecture 32:
End Of Course Review