Basic Business Math

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Basic Business Math: Using Whole Numbers and Decimals

  • estimate using rounded whole numbers in a given scenario


  • identify the characteristics of whole numbers


  • identify which fractional amount is the largest when comparing a simple fraction, a percentage, and a ratio


  • put fractional amounts in order from smallest to greatest


  • add and subtract decimals to solve business problems


  • multiply and divide decimals to solve business problems




Basic Business Math: Percentages and Ratios

  • calculate a percentage in a business scenario


  • calculate percentage increase in a given scenario


  • calculate percentage decrease in a given scenario


  • solve rate problems in a given business scenario


  • identify how ratios are used in business


  • match business ratios to the context in which they are used in business




Basic Business Math: Averages and Equations

  • determine a moving average in a given business problem


  • recognize how a knowledge of averages benefits you in business


  • determine a moving average in a given business problem


  • use equations in a basic business context




Basic Business Math: Charts and Graphs

  • read and interpret pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs in a given scenario


  • recognize if a chart or graph reflects good design practices


  • select the appropriate type of graph to represent a given set of data