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IT Strategy Essentials

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IT Strategy Essentials: Business and IT Strategy Alignment

  • match examples of an IT-enabled business strategy to the components they illustrate


  • determine the level of IT-business integration for a company in a given scenario


  • assess the value of IT in a given organization


  • describe ways to improve IT strategic alignment with business




IT Strategy Essentials: Creating an IT Strategy Plan

  • match the elements typically found in an IT strategic plan with their descriptions


  • assess the effectiveness of the IT vision and strategic objectives for a given scenario


  • recognize examples of how to help ensure the enterprise architecture meets strategic IT objectives


  • recognize examples of the steps for determining which initiatives to include in an IT strategic plan




IT Strategy Essentials: Implementing an IT Strategy

  • assess how well an IT strategy has been communicated in a given scenario


  • recognize examples of tasks carried out during the implementation of an IT strategy


  • recognize key steps in measuring an IT strategy


  • match examples to the appropriate category of an IT-specific balanced scorecard