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Writing Skills for Technical Professionals

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Writing for Technical Professionals: Preparation and Planning

  • recognize a document's purpose in given examples


  • select an appropriate delivery medium in given scenarios


  • analyze a writing segment to determine the document’s appropriate audience


  • sequence the steps in planning a document in example form


  • identify how to integrate other authors' work into your draft


  • establish the purpose and an appropriate delivery medium in a given scenario


  • analyze the audience in a given scenario


  • prepare a document's structure in a given scenario




Writing for Technical Professionals: Effective Writing Techniques

  • improve page design in given scenarios


  • recognize the appropriate visual aid in given examples


  • identify common writer pitfalls


  • recognize common writer pitfalls in a given example


  • enhance page design and layout to improve readability and visual appeal


  • rectify common writing mistakes in a given example


  • recognize guidelines for writing instructions


  • follow guidelines for creating training materials in given scenarios


  • recognize guidelines to follow when writing to persuade


  • recognize tips for writing technical reference materials


  • implement guidelines for writing instructions


  • implement guidelines for writing teaching materials


  • implement tips for writing documents that persuade


  • implement tips for writing reference materials