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59 USD

Zen Cart Customization Fundamentals

Join award-winning trainer and author Geoff Blake, as he takes you on a fun, fast-paced journey into Zen Cart e-commerce store customization in Ten Ton Zen Cart Customization Fundamentals! With his do
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497 USD

Xcode fundamentals: Designing a user experience for iOS

So you want to make apps but you don't know where to start. You stat a few tutorials on the internet but you end up without an app or any knowlege whatsoever. If you want to make apps you pr
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10 USD Vs. Getting Started

Need a website? Everyone keeps telling you how easy WordPress is, but lost in the shuffle? Don't have a clue what a host is or why you would use one? In this 10 part class we'll talk ab
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20 USD

Wordpress Training Tutorials - What is Wordpress? Learn how to build a Wordpress Website from scratch!

The course is probably one the most in depth and at the same time easiest to follow and understand courses on Wordpress to date. It is also the largest on udemy aswell as the cheapest paid course on
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50 USD

Wordpress Nailed In 21 Days

Wordpress Tutorials for absolute beginners, technophobes and people just wanting the low down on the best website creation tool on the planet!The course is delivered via 22 video lessons, each lesson
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67 USD

WordPress From Beginner to PRO

The ONLY Course Youll Ever Need to Become Completely Proficient in the Worlds Most Popular Website Management System! NEW Step-by-Step Video Course Helps You Go from Wordpress Beginner to Wordpress
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89 USD

WordPress for Your Wedding Business

Are you a wedding professional that wants to have a better looking website?  Or, a website that you own and can make changes whenever you want without having to pay someone and wait for all the c
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69 USD

WordPress 3 for Beginners

This class will teach you the basics of WordPress from start to finish. By the end you will have enough knowledge to create a website of your own. We start at the beginning and assume that you know
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27 USD

Wordpress 101 For Beginners: Wordpress Basic Training Videos

Wordpress 101 For Beginners is an outstanding course I developed over time for my web hosting and web design clients. It covers a wide range of topics over 61 videos, ranging from basic to intermediat
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99 USD

Whitehat Hacking and Penetration Testing

In this Ethical Hacking - Whitehat Hacking and Penetration testing training course, expert Ric Messier covers the essentials you will need to know to harden and protect your hardware and software to a
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