Developing a Culture of Learning

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Fundamentals of Organizational Learning

  • recognize the importance and value of organizational learning


  • describe the role of training, knowledge management, and technology in organizational learning


  • distinguish between training and learning


  • recognize the essential elements of a learning culture


  • assess the learning culture of an organization




Establishing the Conditions for a Learning Culture

  • recognize examples of the organizational conditions required for a strong learning culture to develop


  • recognize how specific workplace obstacles can impair organizational learning


  • determine how and why to establish a given condition for a culture of learning


  • recognize the use of key strategies for motivating employees toward learning




Developing Learning Practices

  • apply key steps in a development needs assessment


  • recognize examples of strategies that facilitate specific types of knowledge building


  • recognize examples of actions that promote the diffusion of knowledge through an organization


  • recognize actions that promote long-term changes based on learning




Evaluating and Sustaining Organizational Learning

  • recognize examples of strategies that sustain a culture of learning


  • perform key steps in evaluating a learning effort


  • recognize examples of effective approaches for assessing and reporting the organizational impact of learning


  • distinguish between key components in an assessment of ROI