Effective Succession Planning

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Initiating Succession Planning

  • recognize the characteristics of succession planning


  • describe the role of internal promotion in succession planning


  • match stages of the succession planning process to examples


  • assess whether the succession planning process has been properly initiated




Effective Succession Planning: Determining a Talent Pool for Key Positions

  • determine whether a position is key in a given scenario


  • recognize examples of appropriate analysis to perform to identify future key positions


  • assess whether the procedure for identifying position competencies has been correctly implemented in a given scenario


  • determine actions to be taken with regard to the succession plan's talent pool in a given scenario




Implementing and Assessing a Succession Planning Program

  • recognize characteristics of effective succession planning program development


  • determine effective learning objectives for an individual development plan in a given scenario


  • sequence the steps to take to implement an individual development plan


  • match assessment methods to examples


  • recognize appropriate metrics for assessing a succession program in a given scenario




Succession Planning


Succession Planning and Management Programs