The 10 Minute Daily Invigorator

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The 10 Minute Invigorator Course is your quick routine to a high-energy day. The number one benefit of this course is a boost in your natural productivity on emotional, physical, mental and creative levels and you can get to this benefit in only 10 minutes a day! 

This course shows you how to switch off your fatigue and change mid-day slumps with invigoration to productive afternoons. You learn to do all of this with natural and efficient techniques. Natural because all you need is your body to create the movements and the breathing techniques that I show you step-by-step, and efficient because it only takes 10 minutes a day and you can do them anywhere, at home or on the road or in a hotel or at a friend's house.

Just imagine, what would it feel like to have more energy through the day?
How would it feel NOT to have to fight that annoying fatigue when you have so much to do?

I teach you how to wake up your natural energy (because you have more energy than you are using right now) and then how to end your fatigue. Did you know your own energy goes dormant and then is wasted if you don't know how to access it? You learn how to reverse that process in this course.

Here are the Top 8 Benefits of the 10 Minute Daily Invigorator routines according to initial user testimonials:

1. Evening Energy Boost Power: You will get through your day with a constant and natural source of energy and still have enough oomf to tackle your personal projects in the evenings.

2. Clarity to Solve Problems: Your mind will buzz with new ideas and you will solve your problems and overcome roadblocks much better with a new sense of clarity.

3. Single-Minded Focus for Productivity: You will be able to focus more intently on a single task at a time, which ultimately makes you far more productive. Goodbye multitasking!

4. Higher Efficiency and Time Saving: When you are focused with clarity of mind, you become more efficient. You start to take control of your time. You avoid distractions. You accomplish more in less time with a happier state of mind and body.

5. Pleasant Around Your Family: You will be less stressed, less impatient, and less tense around your family and friends when you feel more energized and relaxed in your body. Everyone benefits from this one!

6. Natural Interest in Healthy Eating: When your body feels energized and invigorated, it starts to crave healthy food without you forcing it into anything, your body just pulls you into a healthier direction.

7. Boost in Creativity: When you do the breathing exercises, they clear your mind of worry and stress and other roadblocks. When you are able to open those pathways, your creativity starts to flow. Ideas will come to you even during the 10 minute routine as you fill your body with energy and breath.

8. Deep Sense of Happiness: Your body awakens its own natural energy with these unique routines and you feel in balance and harmony with everything around you.

The 10 minute Invigorator works as long as you are willing to give it a chance. You don't need any prior exercise or yoga or any other experience. You don't need to be flexible or strong - yet you will get both of those side-benefits with the program. 

I made this course in a such a way that anyone can do it. I show you modifications and I talk you through all the moves methodically. You are going to have fun and increase your productivity in this unique approach to tapping into your internal energy!


Farnoosh Brock

Structura cursului

Lecture 1: What is the 10 Minute Daily Invigorator? (06:38)

SECTION 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Course Introduction (08:07)
Lecture 3: Frequently Asked Questions, Modifications and Demo (10:55)

SECTION 2: Day 1
Lecture 4: Day 1 of 7 Video Routine. Theme: Tap Into the Inner Warrior (10:50)

SECTION 3: Day 2
Lecture 5: Day 2 of 7 Video Routine. Theme: Rock Yourself to Radiance (10:55)

SECTION 4: Day 3
Lecture 6: Day 3 of 7 Video Routine. Theme: Perfect Morning Wake-Up Call (10:44)

SECTION 5: Day 4
Lecture 7: Day 4 of 7 Video Routine. Theme: Ultimate Stress-Buster (10:37)

SECTION 6: Day 5
Lecture 8: Day 5 of 7 Video Routine. Theme: Speedy Mood Swing (10:25)

SECTION 7: Day 6
Lecture 9: Day 6 of 7 Video Routine. Theme: Focus and Balance Revitalizer (10:35)

SECTION 8: Day 7
Lecture 10: Day 7 of 7 Video Routine. Theme: Twists and Turns to the Rescue (10:46)

SECTION 9: Come Breathe With Me
Lecture 11: Come Breathe With Me (08:34)

SECTION 10: Building the 10 Minute Habit
Lecture 12: Building the 10 Minute Habit (11:16)