The Masters Intensive Training

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"Spiritual Masters aren't born- They're TRAINED!" 

Get the training you need today to begin living your life tomorrow as a Spiritual Master!

Throughout history if a seeker wished to gain a higher level of spiritual enlightenment, it was not uncommon for them to turn to a Spiritual Master for guidance. Oftentimes they were instructed to make tremendous sacrifices and abandon all that they knew and loved, along with their worldly possessions, just to learn how to do things that the average mortal only dreamed of doing. Very few were ever truly successful. Most were easily discouraged by unrealistic expectations and never made it past the gate. 

Thankfully, in the 21st Century's dimension, Seekers can accomplish Spiritual Self-Mastery without going to such extremes! There's no requirement to give up their worldly possessions, abandon their families and friends, or leave behind the things that they love!

Besides, that's not mastery! That's insanity! 

In fact, getting in the game of life is what true mastery is all about!

Thanks to a tremendous shift in global consciousness, a fresh new perspective has captured the attention of millions around the world. Now Seekers are encouraged to live life to the fullest; to explore, create and challenge themselves to experience extraordinary adventures beyond their wildest dreams!

After TEN long years of messages channeled directly from the "I AMs" (Inner-dimensional Ascended Masters) and with a little help from technology, Seekers can now unlock the doors to life's greatest mysteries from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace!

This magical online training will literally come ALIVE in YOUR life BEFORE you even know what the lessons for the day are! You'll actually be LIVING the teachings! As you begin to put into practice the things that you'll be learning, you'll go on to transform that knowledge into wisdom through personal hands-on experience with step-by-step, easy to understand instructions that's unavailable anywhere else in the world today!

Join the movement and the thousands of others who are already doing THE WORKS! Start your training today to begin living your life as a Spiritual Master tomorrow!


About Level 01

Over the first 90 days of your training you will begin by laying out a solid foundation in which to build your new life as a Spiritual Master. Infused with sacred teachings no one has ever dared to share openly with the general public, Level 01 will help you to establish this foundation, so that you'll never again go back to living your life as a Sleeper.

Aside from getting a crash course in metaphysics like no other, you'll also learn about the 4 levels of attainment, and immediately begin to apply the Secret Formula to all your manifestations. Plus, you'll begin to master extreme focusing techniques that will aid in developing your ability to manifest entire creations, instantly and effortlessly!

Level 01 launches you beyond the Laws of Attraction, right into the mix of manifestation. From the very first day you begin your training you will see powerful, indisputable results that will rock your world, shatter the illusions and put the power that has always been yours, back into your hands where it belongs!

About Level 02

Level 02 is all about relationships!

In this level you will safely clear toxic energies and learn how to heal the past so you can get more fully in the present. You will also heal your limited BS (Belief Systems) about relationships and rebuild the most important relationship you'll ever have between yourself and your Source! During this time you'll redefine the ideal mate (as you learn to become one) heal birth trauma, learn how to deal with counter creators and what to do about Sleepers.

Every other week you'll be conducting exciting Master Challenges that are designed to test your abilities and challenge you to move beyond your potential! You'll learn to see through the eyes of a master, master energy in motion, and discover how to disarm the victim before things get out of hand!

If you thought Level 01 was intense, you ain't seen nothing yet!


About Level 03

In this level, the Master's Challenges get a little more challenging, frequent and complex, as you begin to learn to be in this world and not be of it! Old identities, that were once used by the ego to define and validate your existence in the world, will fade away as you discover the joy of adding value to the world in your new role as the observer.

You'll also learn how to quickly make your dreams and goals come to life, all by contributing to others as they strive to make their dreams and goals happen. Attachments and expectations will be things of the past, as you relax in the current of life.

During this 90 day period, you'll break all the rules, rewrite a few of your own, and then live without them all the while freeing yourself from the illusion of others having power over you.

You will be given tools to manifest and master money, (you'll actually DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your monthly income during this level!) easily and effortlessly, while learning how to live and create what you want, with or without the money, all at the same time! As you advance towards a higher way of being in the world, you'll embrace your sacred sexuality and learn why NOT to EVER sleep with a Sleeper!


Please Note

Each level covers the span of thirteen weeks, with the final week being reserved for introspection before going on to the next level. You don't have to waste valuable ink by printing out each lesson, instead you can simply copy and paste the worksheet to your word processing program and fill in your answers on your computer. 

Only the first three levels of this training are available on Udemy. Level 04 is available exclusively on my site as it must be conducted with the assistance of an overseeer due to its intense nature. 

Additionally: I have noticed that some of the pdf files seem to scramble themselves when viewed in Udemy's site. To correct this problem, simply download all files onto your harddrive and you should be able to open and read them normally on your Adobe Reader program. (I apologize for this glitch. Gotta love technology, eh?)

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Bonus Gifts
Lecture 1: "The Spirit Whisperer's Private Collection of Magic & Miracles" (41:25)
Lecture 2: "The Master's Prayer" (8 pages)

SECTION 2: Training: Level 01
Lecture 3: Introduction (12 slides)
Lecture 4: Level 01 Week 01 (44 slides)
Lecture 5: Level 01 Week 02 (21 slides)
Lecture 6: Level 01 Week 03 (24 slides)
Lecture 7: Level 01 Week 04 (24 slides)
Lecture 8: Level 01 Week 05 (28 slides)
Lecture 9: Level 01 Week 06 (28 slides)
Lecture 10: Level 01 Week 07 (23 slides)
Lecture 11: Level 01 Week 08 (26 slides)
Lecture 12: Level 01 Week 09 (24 slides)
Lecture 13: Level 01 Week 10 (27 slides)
Lecture 14: Level 01 Week 11 (27 slides)
Lecture 15: Level 01 Week 12 (24 slides)

SECTION 3: Training: Level 02
Lecture 16: Level 02 Week 01 (42 slides)
Lecture 17: Level 02 Week 02 (27 slides)
Lecture 18: Level 02 Week 03 (22 slides)
Lecture 19: Level 02 Week 04 (32 slides)
Lecture 20: Level 02 Week 05 (24 slides)
Lecture 21: Level 02 Week 06 (21 slides)
Lecture 22: Level 02 Week 07 (30 slides)
Lecture 23: Level 02 Week 08 (25 slides)
Lecture 24: Level 02 Week 09 (29 slides)
Lecture 25: Level 02 Week 10 (24 slides)
Lecture 26: Level 02 Week 11 (24 slides)
Lecture 27: Level 02 Week 12 (28 slides)
Lecture 28: Extra Clearing Worksheet (9 pages)

SECTION 4: Training: Level 03
Lecture 29: Level 03 Week 01 (42 slides)
Lecture 30: Level 03 Week 02 (36 slides)
Lecture 31: Level 03 Week 03 (36 slides)
Lecture 32: Level 03 Week 04 (31 slides)
Lecture 33: Level 03 Week 05 (31 slides)
Lecture 34: Level 03 Week 06 (34 slides)
Lecture 35: Level 03 Week 07 (42 slides)
Lecture 36: Level 03 Week 08 (27 slides)
Lecture 37: Level 03 Week 09 (32 slides)
Lecture 38: Level 03 Week 10 (31 slides)
Lecture 39: Level 03 Week 11 (29 slides)
Lecture 40: Level 03 Week 12 (30 slides)
Lecture 41: Level 03 Special Assignment Worksheets (32 slides)