Your Future Is In the Cards

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Theres no magic to seeing what the future holds. Now, you can give and receive immediate and specific answers about romance, money, and career. You can predict the future using an item found in virtually every household--an ordinary deck of playing cards. Your Future Is In The Cards: Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days demystifies the art of fortune-telling and delivers a step-by-step system of interpreting playing cards at a professional level. This crash course teaches you everything you need to know to begin giving accurate and detailed readings in just one week.

The Method

This course takes an analytical approach to cartomancy which means youll learn to read the cards using a logical, step-by-step process. Specific meanings are assigned based on card numbers, suits and even suit colors (red or black), creating a common-sense method that is easy to apply. Each card has a basic meaning but you will find new associations for the cards as you work with them. And, as you progress, your intuition will fill in the gaps. Through your readings, you will help yourself and your clients:

  Perceive the present more clearly

  Understand hidden influences

  Uncover blocks and obstacles

  Find solutions

  See how the future may unfold


What You Will Learn

First, you get the basics, which means understanding the parts of a standard playing card deck, guidelines for cartomancers, and learning to shuffle and select cards. Next, youll learn what each card represents. Then, youll discover new techniques to gain more information from the cards to add important details to your readings.

Masterfully, you will learn to pull precise details from the cards revealing physical descriptions (Your future romantic partner has a dark complexion--perhaps of African American, Latin, East Indian, heritage. Hes stocky in build and he has facial hair), and timing of events (A job offer will be presented in the 2nd week of spring).

A certificate will be granted upon successful completion of this course.

Structura cursului

Lecture 1: Video Introduction and Sample Reading (09:11)

Lecture 2: Introduction (4 pages)

SECTION 2: Cartomancy Meditation
Lecture 3:
Preparing for the Meditation
Lecture 4: Cartomancy Meditation (49:52)

SECTION 3: Day 1: The Basics
Lecture 5: The Basics (12 pages)
Lecture 6: Washing And Pulling: Two Ways to Shuffle the Cards (02:37)
Lecture 7:
Exercise: Daily Reading
Lecture 8: Personal Reading: How can I improve... (12 slides)

14 questions

Quiz 1:

Quiz: Day 1

SECTION 4: Day 2: Card Meanings
Lecture 9: Card Meanings (3 pages)
Lecture 10: Personal Reading: Want vs. Need... (12 slides)
Lecture 11:
Exercise: General Reading for the Month
Lecture 12: Sample Reading: General Reading For The Month (presentation) (9 slides)
Lecture 13: Sample Reading: General Reading for the Month (video) (02:14)

13 questions

Quiz 2:

Quiz: Day 2

SECTION 5: Day 3: Unmasking the Face Cards
Lecture 14: Unmasking the Face Cards (12 pages)
Lecture 15:
Face Cards as Zodiac Signs
Lecture 16: Personal Reading: Who am I... (12 slides)
Lecture 17:
Exercise: Where Will We Get The Money?
Lecture 18: Sample Reading: Where Will We Get The Money? (presentation) (19 slides)
Lecture 19: Sample Reading: Where Will We Get The Money? (video) (05:13)

9 questions

Quiz 3:

Quiz: Day 3

SECTION 6: Day 4: Extra Tools
Lecture 20: Extra Tools (5 pages)
Lecture 21:
Exercise: Will I Ever See Ron Again?
Lecture 22: Sample Reading: Will I Ever See Ron Again? (presentation) (17 slides)
Lecture 23: Sample Reading: Will I Ever See Ron Again? (video) (03:57)
Lecture 24: Practice Reading: Will my luck change for the better? (10 slides)

15 questions

Quiz 4:

Quiz: Day 4

SECTION 7: Day 5: Advanced Readings
Lecture 25: Advanced Readings (8 pages)
Lecture 26:
Exercise: Where is My Relationship Going?
Lecture 27: Sample Reading: Where Is My Relationship Going? (presentation) (19 slides)
Lecture 28: Sample Reading: Where Is My Relationship Going? (video) (05:04)
Lecture 29:
Exercise: Perform a Client Reading

9 questions

Quiz 5:

Quiz: Day 5

SECTION 8: Day 6: Practice
Lecture 30: Practice Reading: What can I expect at this event? (10 slides)
Lecture 31:
Exercise: Perform a Client Reading

SECTION 9: Day 7: Graduation
Lecture 32:
Practical Exam

SECTION 10: BONUS: Additional Sample Reading Videos
Lecture 33: Sample Reading: Will My Boyfriend Cheat Again? (video) (06:42)
Lecture 34: Sample Reading: Will I Get the Promotion? (video) (06:13)
Lecture 35: Sample Reading: What Can I Do to Get The Promotion? (video) (02:56)
Lecture 36: Sample Reading: What Does He Want From Me? (video) (06:32)
Lecture 37: Sample Reading: Is This Relationship Worth Saving? (video) (06:07)

SECTION 11: BONUS: Cartomancy Notes
Lecture 38: A Cartomancer's Notes (26 pages)

SECTION 12: BONUS: Journaling with Playing Cards
Lecture 39: The Fortune-Teller's Journal (29 pages)

SECTION 13: Recommended Resources
Lecture 40:
Books, Decks and Divination Tools
Lecture 41:
Tips for New Readers