Learn Mandarin Chinese (20 Beginner Lessons)

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Did you know that there are more native speakers of Chinese than ANY other language in the world?

What opportunities would you have if YOU could speak Chinese?

Did you know that Chinese is actually one of the simplest languages to learn? I know that’s not what you heard. But it is, if you take this course. Here’s why:

There are only two aspects to Chinese that are difficult. We take care of both of them in this course, to keep things simple.

  1. The written system. Yes, there are thousands of characters in Chinese. And yes I know you don’t have time to learn all of them. That’s why we don’t use them in this course. Everything is written for you using the English alphabet. Learn to listen and speak first. Then focus on reading / writing later, if you’re interested in that.
  2. Tones. Chinese is a tonal language. Listen to lesson one to learn what that means. This is an AUDIO course, so you’ll get a LOT of input in Chinese, and there are always pauses for you to repeat what you hear. Keep doing this and you’ll figure out the tones and become a natural speaker!

How this course works: This introductory course features the first 20 lessons of level 1. Each lesson continues where the previous one left off. Later lessons review what was taught earlier.

If the material becomes too difficult, take a break and review older lessons. You also get downloadable PDF summaries of each lesson that you can look over on your own.

Testimonials: Here's what other students have had to say about Chinese Learn Online (CLO):

I just wanted to say that your course is excellent. I’ve tried other sites in the past, but the biggest advantage of your system is that it is progressive. It is difficult to tell with other programs whether you’re making any progress.

I’ve been studying Chinese for over three years already, and the lessons in the first level are already filling some major gaps.

I have a close Chinese friend who listened to some of the recordings - she said go with CLO. She constantly remarks on my great accent which she says is always the biggest problem.

The first two lessons of the course are free, so try them out below. Then click on “Take this Course” to start learning Chinese today!

Feel free to leave comments if you have questions about any of the lessons.

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: The 4 Tones
Lecture 1: Lesson Video (07:50)
Lecture 2: Vocabulary Summary (3 pages)
Lecture 3: Lesson 1 Review (01:01)

SECTION 2: Greetings
Lecture 4: Lesson Video (13:16)
Lecture 5: Vocabulary Summary (4 pages)
Lecture 6: Lesson 2 Review (00:40)

SECTION 3: Introductions
Lecture 7: Lesson Video (10:20)
Lecture 8: Vocabulary Summary (6 pages)
Lecture 9: Lesson 3 Review (00:57)

SECTION 4: I can speak a little Chinese
Lecture 10: Lesson Video (10:54)
Lecture 11: Vocabulary Summary (4 pages)
Lecture 12: Lesson 4 Review (01:00)

SECTION 5: I like China very much!
Lecture 13: Lesson Video (10:19)
Lecture 14: Vocabulary Summary (3 pages)
Lecture 15: Lesson 5 Review (00:40)

SECTION 6: Numbers I
Lecture 16: Lesson Video (13:11)
Lecture 17: Vocabulary Summary (8 pages)
Lecture 18: Lesson 6 Review (01:01)

SECTION 7: Questions and Titles
Lecture 19: Lesson Video (13:02)
Lecture 20: Vocabulary Summary (6 pages)
Lecture 21: Lesson 7 Review (00:46)

SECTION 8: Numbers II
Lecture 22: Lesson Video (08:00)
Lecture 23: Vocabulary Summary (4 pages)
Lecture 24: Lesson 8 Review (00:43)

SECTION 9: Shopping I
Lecture 25: Lesson Video (12:34)
Lecture 26: Vocabulary Summary (6 pages)
Lecture 27: Lesson 9 Review (00:39)

SECTION 10: Shopping II
Lecture 28: Lesson Video (12:34)
Lecture 29: Vocabulary Summary (4 pages)
Lecture 30: Lesson 10 Review (00:35)

SECTION 11: Family I
Lecture 31: Lesson Video (11:07)
Lecture 32: Vocabulary Summary (4 pages)
Lecture 33: Lesson 11 Review (00:22)

SECTION 12: Introductions II
Lecture 34: Lesson Video (09:11)
Lecture 35: Vocabulary Summary (5 pages)
Lecture 36: Lesson 12 Review (00:28)

SECTION 13: Introductions Review
Lecture 37: Lesson Video (10:09)
Lecture 38: Vocabulary Summary (3 pages)
Lecture 39: Lesson 13 Review (00:25)

SECTION 14: Long time no see!
Lecture 40: Lesson Video (10:48)
Lecture 41: Vocabulary Summary (4 pages)
Lecture 42: Lesson 14 Review (00:22)

SECTION 15: See you tomorrow!
Lecture 43: Lesson Video (11:07)
Lecture 44: Vocabulary Summary (3 pages)
Lecture 45: Lesson 15 Review (00:32)

SECTION 16: I like Chinese tea!
Lecture 46: Lesson Video (11:00)
Lecture 47: Vocabulary Summary (4 pages)
Lecture 48: Lesson 16 Review (00:25)

SECTION 17: Are you married?
Lecture 49: Lesson Video (11:29)
Lecture 50: Vocabulary Summary (5 pages)
Lecture 51: Lesson 17 Review (00:19)

SECTION 18: Do you have any children?
Lecture 52: Lesson Video (11:50)
Lecture 53: Vocabulary Summary (3 pages)
Lecture 54: Lesson 18 Review (00:28)

SECTION 19: Lesson 19: What time is it?
Lecture 55: Lesson Video (15:03)
Lecture 56: Vocabulary Summary (5 pages)
Lecture 57: Lesson 19 Review (00:17)

SECTION 20: Lesson 20: How long have you been here?
Lecture 58: Lesson Video (09:42)
Lecture 59: Vocabulary Summary (4 pages)
Lecture 60: Lesson 20 Review (00:29)