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World renowned Pilates Master Teacher, Jennifer Kries and
the first to introduce Pilates to the masses through her award-winning video series, The Method, brings you The Pilates Method Master Trainer Series.


Part 1: Barrel workout 

The Barrel contains over 45 minutes of exceptional
educational content for the Pilates devotee, teacher-in-training, Pilates
professional, Physical Therapist or Physician!

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

The Pilates Barrel DVD consists of Side-Sit-Ups, Ballet Stretches, Swan,
Short Box, Little Barrel Arm Series, Little Barrel Leg Seriesjust a few
exercises that are part of the complete Ladder Barrel and Little Barrel
repertoire that youll see taught and demonstrated in exquisite detail.

Experience Jennifers unique emphasis on both strength-training and
rehabilitation applications of the Barrels.

Pilates Ladder Barrel

Like the name says, this piece of Pilates equipment consists of ladder-like
rungs and a rounded barrel-like surface on which a multitude of stretching,
strengthening and flexibility exercises can be performed. The Pilates Ladder
Barrel helps isolate deep postural muscles and challenges the body on all planes
of movement.

Pilates Little Barrel

This lightweight, portable Pilates barrel is a great complement to a Mat or
Cadillac workout. This upholstered arch helps support the back and shoulders and
opens up the neck, hips and thighs, increasing range of motion in every part of
the body. A great rehabilitative tool for those recovering from stress, tension
or injury and a safe surface for deep stretching for every age and level of


Part 2 : The Mat Workout

Over 3 hours of detailed educational content for the Pilates devotee, teacher-in training, or Pilates professional.

Learn how to teach as you refine your own understanding of the original
workout that Joseph Pilates created in this superlative Pilates Mat DVD.

This multi-level Pilates Workout features Beginner, Intermediate and
Advanced Pilates Mat including the Magic Circle and Sculpting Series!

The Hundred, Roll-Up, Double-Leg Stretch, Jack-Knife, Side Series, Magic
Circle & Sculpting Series-just a few exercises that are part of the complete
Mat Syllabus that you'll see taught and demonstrated in exquisite detail in this
extraordinary Pilates Workout. 

The Master Trainer Pilates Mat Workout (containing the entire syllabus) is an
extraordinarily detailed training tool covering key principles, movement study
and execution and Jennifer's unique, simple and easy-to-master cueing formula
that will improve your teaching overnight!

This Pilates Mat Workout contains segments that lengthen, strengthen and tone
the entire body using your body's own weight and level of capability. The
Pilates Mat is the original, highly focused mind-body workout created by Joseph
Pilates that aligns, stretches and strengthens, improves coordination and
balance and promotes an overall sense of well-being.

As you use this Pilates Mat Workout to supplement your path towards becoming an
exceptional instructor with superlative communication and hands-on skill, you
will simultaneously come to truly embody the technique: create the shape you
were always intended to have and the body you desire: long, lean toned muscles,  an extraordinarily high degree of abdominal strength and definition, enhanced overall muscular capacity, increased range of motion and flexibility, improved breathing, proper posture, reduced stress and peace of mind.


Part 3 : The Reformer Workout

Over 3 hours of exceptional educational content of the entire repertoire of Reformer exercises.  

Perhaps the most renowned of all Pilates equipment, the Reformer and its
sophisticated system of springs, straps and pulleys feature more than 100
exercises that can be performed on this surprisingly versatile apparatus.

Learn the complete syllabus of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
exercises on the Pilates reformer, the amazingly elegant machine that provides
finely tuned exercise resistance allowing one to work very precisely to develop
good alignment, core strength, and flexibility.


Part 4 : The Pilates Chair Workout

Over ninety (90) minutes of exceptional educational content

Port de Bras, Pull-Up, Swan, Going Up Front, Mountain Climber, Tendon
Stretch, Mermaidjust a few exercises that are part of the complete Chair
repertoire that youll see taught and demonstrated in exquisite detail.

Warm-up, breathing techniques, insights on sequencing, rhythmic flow,
transitions and more!

Deceptively resembling a stylish little stool, the Pilates Chair, most
commonly known as the Wunda Chair or Stability Chair, is one versatile exercise machine. Don't let the word "chair" fool you - it's far from a
sit-down workout.

While many of these Pilates exercises are performed seated on top and
pressing down on the step/pedal with your feet, others entail lying on the
floor, standing straight up, lunging forward or doing variations on the push-up.
Learn more than 75 exercises that can be performed on the Pilates Chair.

Once again, adjustable spring resistance is the key to challenge with this
specialized piece of fitness equipment. While pressing down on the step with
arms or legs, the much of the stabilizing work is up to the torso - it's harder
than it looks. This apparatus activates the lower back, buttocks, shoulder,
transverse abdominals and pelvic region and heightens neuromuscular
coordination. From a rehabilitation perspective, the Pilates Wunda Chair or
Stability Chair is particularly effective for stretching and rebalancing muscles
that have been strained or injured.


Part 5 : The Cadillac  Workout

Over 2 hours of exceptional content 

The Pilates Cadillac DVD consists of Leg springs, Push through, Mermaid,
Tower, Monkey, Rolling Back, Chest Expansionjust a few exercises that are part of the entire Cadillac repertoire that youll see taught and demonstrated in
exquisite detail.

With the Pilates Cadillac workout you will gain unmatched core strength,
flexibility, balance and improved posture with over 100 exercises including
variations and explanations, performed standing, seated, kneeling, supine and

The Cadillac (also known as the Trapeze Table) is one of the most effective
and versatile pieces of exercise equipment ever to be engineered. Originally
devised by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate bedridden patients, the apparatus has
evolved a bit since the makeshift bed spring days, but its inspiration is
apparent and it continues to be a bridge between exercise and physical

Over 80 different exercises can be performed on this piece of Pilates equipment, ranging from gentle spring-assisted sit ups to advanced acrobatics.
The Pilates Cadillac repertoire of exercises challenges the core abdominal
muscles, develops spinal flexibility, works the shoulder girdle, strengthens the
back and stretches the total body.

The Pilates Cadillac Workout is also incredibly beneficial and informative for
those who suffer from scoliosis or a marked imbalance in arm, leg or torso
strength. The exercises featured help you to find new balance, awareness,
strength and flexibility in your body.



Jennifer Kries

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: The Pilates Barrel Course
Lecture 1: Barrel Part 1 (31:03)
Lecture 2: Barrel Part 2 (09:21)

SECTION 2: The Pilates Mat Course
Lecture 3: The Mat Part 1 (44:42)
Lecture 4: The Mat Part 2 (46:15)
Lecture 5:
The Mat Part 3

SECTION 3: The Pilates Reformer Course
Lecture 6: The Reformer Part 1 (56:17)
Lecture 7:
The Reformer Part 2
Lecture 8:
The Reformer Part 3

SECTION 4: The Pilates Wunda Chair Course
Lecture 9: Wunda Chair Part 1 (31:28)
Lecture 10: Wunda Chair Part 2 (34:43)
Lecture 11: Wunda Chair Part 3 (24:27)

SECTION 5: The Cadillac
Lecture 12: The Cadillac Part 1 (40:37)
Lecture 13: The Cadillac Part 2 (49:39)
Lecture 14: The Cadillac Part 3 (24:08)