Effectively Managing Top Performers

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Engaging Top Performers

  • recognize the characteristics of a top performer


  • recognize the importance of keeping top performers engaged


  • recommend improvements to a workplace that will keep top performers engaged


  • recognize leadership practices that attract top performers


  • communicate effectively with a top performer




Retaining Top Performers

  • identify reasons why top performers typically leave a job


  • recognize actions managers can take to motivate top performers


  • assign tasks based on the talent assessment of a given top performer


  • determine how effectively a manager has redesigned the job of a given top performer




Overcoming Challenges of Managing Top Performers

  • recognize top performers who require coaching


  • identify the behavioral styles represented by the acronym DISC


  • determine a top performer's core style using a completed DISC behavior style questionnaire


  • give feedback to a top performer during a coaching session


  • recognize the process for discussing the results of a behavior style assessment with a top performer


  • develop an action plan during a coaching session with a top performer