Essential Mentoring Techniques

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Essential Mentoring Techniques: Mentoring Fundamentals

  • identify the benefits of mentoring for the mentee, the mentor, and for the organization


  • identify the objectives of workplace mentoring


  • distinguish between examples of coaching and mentoring relationships


  • identify what makes mentoring programs successful


  • match mentoring models to examples


  • distinguish between the arguments for implementing formal or informal mentoring




Essential Mentoring Techniques: Designing and Initiating Mentoring Programs

  • determine if a mentoring program has all the requisite elements to make it successful


  • match the steps in designing a mentoring program in a given scenario to the actions taken at each stage


  • match mentors to mentees in a given scenario


  • determine if the guidelines for establishing a mentoring relationship have been correctly applied in a given situation




Essential Mentoring Techniques: Building and Maintaining Mentoring Relationships

  • recognize how to manage mentoring relationships effectively


  • determine whether a mentor is giving feedback appropriately in a given scenario


  • address mentoring program issues in a given scenario


  • recognize ways to address interpersonal issues in mentoring relationships




Essential Mentoring Techniques: Evaluating and Ending the Mentoring Program

  • recognize the steps for enhancing a mentoring relationship using results of a self-assessment


  • match mentoring skills with self-assessment questions used for developing and monitoring those skills


  • assess whether the correct steps are applied during a mentoring evaluation


  • bring a mentoring relationship to a professional close in a given scenario