Thinking Like a CFO

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Thinking Like a CFO: Mind-set and Financial Priorities

  • identify the value of adopting a CFO mind-set


  • recognize appropriate actions to help you think like a CFO


  • recognize what CFOs do in organizations


  • recognize how cost structure affects CFO decision making


  • use CVP to calculate sales required to achieve a desired profit


  • recognize ways of effectively managing cash in an organization




Thinking Like a CFO: Making Financial Decisions

  • identify guidelines for functional managers when creating budgets


  • classify techniques for effectively managing components of the working capital equation


  • determine if incurring a step cost is possible for a company in a given scenario


  • decide between leasing and purchasing in a given scenario




Thinking Like a CFO: Preparing and Presenting a Business Case

  • identify the types of activities that are involved in defining the business issue and identifying alternatives


  • decide between investment options based on payback period technique


  • decide between investment options based on the NPV method


  • decide between alternative proposals based on risk analysis


  • match types of statements to where they belong in a business case


  • anticipate questions a CFO might ask in response to a business case presentation




Thinking Like a CFO: Managing Risk

  • identify actions to take to support CFO priorities in relation to risk management and compliance


  • recognize how to identify risks faced by your department


  • use a ranking technique to prioritize risks


  • focus on the right factors when developing a risk response plan