Competitive Marketing Strategies

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Competitive Marketing Strategies: Conducting an Internal Analysis

  • define the role of internal analysis in the development of competitive marketing strategies


  • recognize the steps in identifying important organizational competencies


  • categorize examples of resources and competencies important for creating and maintaining competitive advantage


  • recognize important questions to consider when conducting an internal marketing audit


  • identify examples of what you should consider when conducting an innovation audit




Competitive Marketing Strategies: Analyzing Competitors

  • recognize the value of competitive intelligence


  • assess how effective an individual is in identifying competitors for a given scenario


  • recognize examples of the guidelines for gathering information about competitors


  • match guidelines for analyzing information about competitors to the section in a sample analysis to which they apply




Competitive Marketing Strategies: Selecting and Implementing Strategies

  • describe how to select competitive marketing strategies effectively


  • match types of competitive advantages to their examples


  • match the components of a strategic marketing plan to their examples


  • recognize examples of guidelines that can help in making the implementation of competitive marketing strategies successful




Increasing Competitiveness through Collaboration