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Course 50439B: Basics of Transact SQL with SQL Server 2008 R2

395 EURO
356 EURO
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  Curs cu prezenta
  24 ore
Predare in limba: Romana
Date incepere curs: 30 Ian 2013
Diploma de participare: DA
Examen certificare inclus: NU
Reducere :
• 20% pentru grup de 5 si mai multe persoane

This instructor-led course provides students with the necessary knowledge to work with the data in SQL Server 2008R2. They will learn how to use the built in tools included with SQL Serverto construct queries, do tuning,analyze a query and it’s performance along with how to modify existing data, perform joins, create indexes and work with XML.The new features are discussed and their impact is explained.

Obiective invatare / Abilitati dobandite
395.00 EUR
Durata cursului
24 ore
After completing this course, students will be able to:
•Use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
•Use SSMS to generate efficient queries
•Use the Object Browser in SSMS to locate objects and view their dependencies so you know the potential effect of a change.
•Use the Template manager in SSMS to quickly import correctly formatted code that was prewritten by the SQL community
•Customize the SSMS environment to match the users individual needs
•Run a trace in SQL Profiler to analyze performance of operations
•Use the debugger with a query to troubleshoot it
•Work with SQL Server Integration Services to do a basic package for import/export, how to save it and automatically execute it.
•Use the Database Tuning Advisor for faster queries
•Read an SSMS Execution Plan and understand it and learn why you need to understand it.
•Explain and perform single table queries and the proper method to develop them
•Perform various joins between tables to reunite data stored separately such as an order and its details, or a salesperson and their sales and the product in the sale.
•Understand indexing and its impact on speed of retrieval of data and when to not use it.
•Write code within the context of a transaction to prevent data corruption
•Utilize Try-Catch error handling and learn why to use it
•Use Stored Procedures to access data and understand the improved security of using them and how easy they are to create via the community templates in SSMS.
•Explain the new language features and how they improve the data environment and reporting
•Write a sub-query as an advanced technique
•Use common table expressions in a query
•Work with the XML datatype and the new methods especially for XML.



Bogdan Tarla

Bogdan Tarla este unul dintre primii profesionisti IT care si-a dezvoltat cariera alaturi si impreuna cu Pro Management, facand parte din echipa de elita a trainerilor nostri de peste 10 ani.Expertiza sa tehnica si pasiunea pentru lucrul bine facut garanteaza ca absolventii sai pleaca din sala de curs cu experienta unui training de “top quality”. Printre specializarile sale se numara: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, 2005 / 2008, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Microsoft Office 2003/2007, Project 2003/2007, dar si tehnologii altele decat Microsoft:Oracle, DB2, Cristal Reports. Bogdan este deasemenea unul dintre primii MVP pentru Romania cu competenta Visual Studio Tools for Office si unul din speaker-ii prezenti constant la evenimentele anuale organizate de Microsoft Romania (MSDN Briefing si Technet ) sau cele exceptionale organizate cu prilejul lansarii de noi produse. Bogdan a fost prezent an de an la sesiunile internationale“Train the Trainers” precum si la conferintele internationale Microsoft TechEd . Certificari: Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified Professional Web / Windows / Enterprise Applications Developer SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (VSTO).
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Before attending this course, students should have:
•A working knowledge of databases but not necessarily Microsoft SQL.


This course is intended for Power Users and IT Professionals that are called on to work with SQL Server in the retrieving, or modifying of data and need a good foundation to perform those functions. This would include those users that develop reports and need to create Data Sets that work efficiently.


Adresa / Locatie desfasurare curs
Str. Dr. Raureanu, Nr. 1, Et. 1, Sector 5 (Pe Calea Victoriei, vis a vis de Muzeul National de Istorie)