Learn Guitar in 21 Days

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Most beginners think that you need to know thousands of chords to play thousands of songs. NOT SO! You really only need to know a handful of chords and a few strumming patterns to play thousands of rock, folks, blues and pop songs.

The reason guitar is the most popular instrument on the planet is because it's the quickest and easiest instrument to learn how to play. You do NOT need to read music. You do NOT need to learn music theory. You do NOT need to struggle through exercises, or practice scales, or learn how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Fact is that thousands of popular songs can be played with 8 simple chords or less. Learn just the A chord, D chord and E chord and you'll be able to play hundreds of blues, folk, pop and rock songs. Why is this so? Because rock, pop, folk and blues songwriters all use the same handful of chords - it's their melodies and arrangements that make their songs distinctive, NOT the chords they are using in the song.

So, if you learn that handful of chords, and learn those few strumming patterns, along with the basics of holding and tuning a guitar, then you too will be able to play thousands of songs. And that's the simple truth.

World renowned guitar educator Ravi has taught thousands of people to play their favorite songs on guitar with his breakthrough 21-day course. The "trick" behind this course is really no trick at all; over the 21 days you'll learn how to hold and tune the guitar, how to play eight simple chords, how to strum, and how to keep a beat.

No gimmicks. No "magic" formula. No nonsense.

You will need to set 20 minutes a day aside for your practice sessions. No more and no less. And you are asked to do this for 21 days straight. Yes, you can skip a day or two but the daily repetition and practice regiment is the key to your success.

Ravi has also included additional lessons for you to work with beyond the 21 days. You'll learn more open position chords, the moveable barre chord system (worth the price of admission alone!), how to read chord charts, and how to easily and quickly learn songs from sheet music, song books and lyric sheets that you download from the internet.

Ravi will step you through the course and each of your practice sessions on the video lessons. Follow the course for those 21 days and beyond and we guarantee that you'll be prepared to start playing and building your own repertoire of favorite songs to accompany yourself or play in a band setting.

No, you will not be an Eric Clapton in 21 days and we wouldn't suggest you book your first gig on the 22nd day BUT you will be a guitar player and you will be well equipped to learn ALL of your favorite songs.

If you've always wanted to learn to play guitar so that you can strum along and sing your favorite songs, Learn Guitar in 21 Days is likely the answer you've been seeking. Grab your guitar, boot up Ravi's first lesson and let's start making music right away!

NOTE! We get asked all the time why a guitar educational company with so many advanced courses would offer such a simple solution to learning guitar without having to learn how to read music, learn theory or work through a more "formal" learning methodology. The answer is really simple; you never stop learning music but you do have to start. If your introduction to music is boring, tedious and generally a struggle, you'll likely pack the guitar up in its case and stick it in the closet. If it's fun, engaging and you can prove to yourself that you can really do it, then you'll spend a lifetime enjoying and learning guitar. Hopefully, TrueFire and our massive library of instruction will enhance that lifetime of enjoyment.


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Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Day 1
Lecture 1: Introduction (04:29)
Lecture 2: Holding the Guitar (05:44)
Lecture 3: Tuning the Guitar (00:58)
Lecture 4: Song Keys (01:13)

SECTION 2: Day 2
Lecture 5: A Major Chord (02:29)
Lecture 6: Basic Strums (02:53)
Lecture 7: Songs - 1 Chord (00:52)
Lecture 8: Play Songs (00:15)

SECTION 3: Day 3
Lecture 9: Strum Practice (02:38)
Lecture 10: E Major Chord (01:40)
Lecture 11: Strum A & E Chords (03:33)
Lecture 12: Songs - 2 Chords (01:22)
Lecture 13: Play Songs (00:13)

SECTION 4: Day 4
Lecture 14: Strum A & E Chords (02:01)
Lecture 15: Rhythms (02:49)
Lecture 16: Rock/Blues Rhythm A & E Chords (01:45)
Lecture 17: Play Songs (00:18)

SECTION 5: Day 5
Lecture 18: Strum A & E Chords (01:26)
Lecture 19: D Major Chord (01:13)
Lecture 20: Strum D & A Chords (01:52)
Lecture 21: Songs - 2 out of 3 Chords (01:38)
Lecture 22: Play Songs (00:11)

SECTION 6: Day 6
Lecture 23: Strum D & A Chords (01:49)
Lecture 24: Folk/Country Rhythm D & A Chords (01:31)
Lecture 25: Reggae Rhythm A & E Chords (01:09)
Lecture 26: Songs - 2 and 3 Chords (00:16)

SECTION 7: Day 7
Lecture 27: Strum A, D, & E Chords (03:04)
Lecture 28: I-IV-V Progression (01:17)
Lecture 29: Play New Songs (00:12)

SECTION 8: Day 8
Lecture 30: Classic Pop/Rock Rhythm A-D-E (01:02)
Lecture 31: Play All Songs (00:18)

SECTION 9: Day 9
Lecture 32: G Major Chord (01:00)
Lecture 33: Strum D & G Chords (02:26)
Lecture 34: Songs - 2 Chords (00:55)
Lecture 35: Strum D, A & G Chords (02:10)
Lecture 36: Songs - 3 Chords (00:59)
Lecture 37: Play All Songs (00:20)

SECTION 10: Day 10
Lecture 38: Folk/Pop Rhythm D-A-G (01:18)
Lecture 39: Rock/Blues Rhythm A-D-E (01:16)
Lecture 40: Play All Songs (00:14)

SECTION 11: Day 11
Lecture 41: Strum A-E-G-D (02:20)
Lecture 42: Songs - 4 Chords (01:04)
Lecture 43: Play New Songs (00:15)

SECTION 12: Day 12
Lecture 44: Classic Pop/Rock Rhythm A-E-G-D (01:14)
Lecture 45: Play All Songs (00:11)

SECTION 13: Day 13
Lecture 46: C Major Chord (01:21)
Lecture 47: Strum C-G (01:52)
Lecture 48: Songs - 5 Chords (00:46)
Lecture 49: Play New Songs (00:11)

SECTION 14: Day 14
Lecture 50: Reggae Rhythm C-G-D-A (01:29)
Lecture 51: Play New Songs (00:12)

SECTION 15: Day 15
Lecture 52: A Minor Chord (01:23)
Lecture 53: Strum C-Am (02:00)
Lecture 54: Strum Am-G-D (01:53)
Lecture 55: Songs - 3 Chords Major/Minor (01:02)
Lecture 56: Play New Songs (00:11)

SECTION 16: Day 16
Lecture 57: Strum Am-C-G-D (01:31)
Lecture 58: Play Songs (00:10)

SECTION 17: Day 17
Lecture 59: E Minor Chord (00:52)
Lecture 60: Strum Em-Am (01:49)
Lecture 61: Strum G-Em-Am-D (02:30)
Lecture 62: Songs - Major/Minor Combinations (00:46)
Lecture 63: Play New Songs (00:10)

SECTION 18: Day 18
Lecture 64: Folk/Pop Rhythm G-Em-C-D (01:27)
Lecture 65: Play All Songs (00:12)

SECTION 19: Day 19
Lecture 66: D Minor Chord (01:15)
Lecture 67: Strum Am-Dm (02:02)
Lecture 68: Picking/Arpeggiating Chords (00:50)
Lecture 69: Play New Songs (00:19)

SECTION 20: Day 20
Lecture 70: Folk/Pop Rhythm C-Em-Dm-G (01:28)
Lecture 71: Play All Songs (00:12)

SECTION 21: Day 21
Lecture 72: Reggae Rhythm Am-C-Dm-E (01:16)
Lecture 73: Play All Songs (00:26)
Lecture 74: Summary and Next Steps (00:34)

SECTION 22: Beyond 21 Days
Lecture 75: Songs (01:41)
Lecture 76: Chord Charts (03:45)
Lecture 77: More Chords (04:55)
Lecture 78: Barre Chords 1 (11:59)
Lecture 79: Barre Chords 2 (11:21)
Lecture 80: More Charts (02:43)
Lecture 81: More Songs (10:17)
Lecture 82: Conclusion (01:26)