Purchasing and Vendor Management Essentials

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Fundamentals of Purchasing and Vendor Management

  • identify ways in which purchasing personnel add value to the organization


  • sequence the stages of the purchasing process


  • recognize how a corporate purchasing strategy impacts the purchasing decisions of functional managers


  • recognize appropriate content for a purchasing strategy


  • identify the required elements of a purchasing strategy




Purchasing: Finding Sources of Supply

  • choose the best sourcing strategy for a given purchase


  • complete a purchase requisition


  • identify the types of information you need to obtain about potential suppliers


  • identify sources that contain information about potential suppliers


  • match types of solicitation documents with their corresponding characteristics


  • determine which type of solicitation document to use given a scenario




Selecting Suppliers and Administering Contracts

  • recognize the elements of a vendor evaluation matrix


  • select a supplier for a given purchase requirement based on a completed supplier evaluation


  • recognize the method for completing a supplier evaluation matrix


  • recognize principles of effective negotiation


  • match types of contracts with their corresponding descriptions




Evaluating Supplier Performance and Managing Supplier Relationships

  • recommend how a buyer could establish a strong relationship with a new supplier


  • recognize characteristics of a strategic alliance between a buyer and supplier


  • use a supplier evaluation scorecard to determine whether a given supplier's performance is acceptable


  • match types of non-compliance issues with corresponding strategies for handling them


  • determine the best method for delivering performance feedback to a supplier in a given example


  • recognize guidelines for delivering performance feedback to a supplier