The Foundations of Six Sigma

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Introduction to Six Sigma
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Introduction to Six Sigma

  • recognize the organizational benefits of the Six Sigma methodology.


  • match the quality cost categories to organizational costs that comprise each.


  • match the five critical elements of Six Sigma to organizational activities that accomplish each.


  • select statistical measures that more closely reflect Six Sigma performance within an organization.


  • select business activities that represent the two types of variation and the Pareto Principle.


  • recognize the benefits of being part of a Six Sigma implementation.


  • match the Six Sigma roles to the business activities of employees involved in Six Sigma.


  • identify the steps in the DMAIC problem-solving model.


  • sequence the DMAIC team life-cycle.


  • identify examples of the challenges that are faced by an employee when Six Sigma is implemented within an organization.


  • apply Six Sigma capabilities to successfully participate in the Six Sigma initiative of an organization.


  • associate the capabilities for successful Six Sigma participation to activities that accomplish each.




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