Business Law Essentials

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Business Law Basic Concepts

  • describe the nature and function of business law


  • recognize the value of learning the essentials of business law as a manager


  • classify manager responsibilities related to sales law and contract law


  • classify manager responsibilities related to employment law and intellectual property law


  • assess a business scenario in terms of the responsibilities of managers and implications for liability




Business Law and Ethics

  • describe the convergence and divergence of law and ethics


  • recognize how laws and ethics function in a business environment


  • perform key steps in the process for making a decision that complies with the spirit of the law


  • recognize how managers can encourage fulfillment of the spirit of the law through a culture of ethics




Business Law and the Manager's Responsibilities

  • recognize which elements of a corporate scenario justify piercing the corporate veil


  • recognize the importance of the corporate veil concept for the actions of individual managers and employees


  • recognize how to handle concerns and warnings appropriately


  • recognize the sensitivities in a communication scenario that could potentially lead to legal consequences


  • determine the manager's responsibilities in terms of the implications of vicarious liability in a scenario