Developing Strategic Thinking Acumen

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Developing the Capacity to Think Strategically

  • describe the characteristics of strategic thinking


  • distinguish between different levels of strategy


  • determine which traits of a strategic thinker are exemplified in a given scenario


  • recognize examples of how you can develop the capacity to think strategically




Developing the Strategic Thinking Skill of Seeing the Big Picture

  • recognize how to use the ideas of systems thinking to gain a sense of the big picture


  • choose the approaches that best take into account external organizational factors in a given scenario


  • recognize actions that encourage big-picture thinking in relation to the internal context of an organization


  • recognize how an understanding of the organizational value chain can help you see the big picture




Using Strategic Thinking Skills

  • recognize steps that can help you develop a strategic mind-set


  • recognize how to use information effectively to support strategic thinking


  • describe how SWOT analysis can support strategic thinking


  • determine the most appropriate trade-off in a given situation


  • recognize techniques that help you think creatively




Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports


External Consultants Can Help


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