Leading and Implementing Sustainable Green Business Strategies

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Introduction to Green Business and Sustainability
Credit NASBA: 3.5

Green Business: Planning Sustainability Strategies
Credit NASBA: 3

Green Business: Implementing Sustainability Strategies
Credit NASBA: 2.5

Structura cursului

Introduction to Green Business and Sustainability

  • recognize the importance of taking personal responsibility for promoting sustainability in your organization


  • recognize key concepts of sustainability


  • identify examples of factors that would influence a company's decision to move toward sustainability


  • identify the benefits of environmental sustainability


  • recognize the benefits of being able to identify the risks and challenges of adopting sustainability strategies


  • identify examples of opportunities presented by sustainability


  • recognize risks of sustainability


  • identify key concepts about the challenges of adopting sustainability practices




Green Business: Planning Sustainability Strategies

  • recognize the benefits of assessing what sustainability means for your company


  • evaluate an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks in relation to adopting sustainability practices


  • identify the issues to consider when assessing where your organization currently stands relative to sustainability


  • recognize how regulations and standards can help improve the sustainability efforts of businesses


  • recognize the value of being involved in planning your company's direction related to sustainability


  • identify examples of ways to lead the move toward sustainability


  • recognize the considerations involved in developing an approach to sustainability


  • recognize the importance of setting goals for sustainability


  • distinguish between minimization and optimization goals




Green Business: Implementing Sustainability Strategies

  • identify ways to implement sustainability practices


  • align corporate strategy with relevant sustainability strategies


  • recognize the benefits of evaluating the organization's performance related to achieving its sustainability goals


  • identify ways to measure sustainability performance


  • recognize the role of a performance evaluation system in the implementation of a sustainability strategy


  • recognize examples of how to implement sustainability practices related to the environment


  • recognize the benefits of ongoing reporting of environmental sustainability results


  • match typical topic areas included in external sustainability reports with the descriptions of the types of information they should contain


  • identify the contents of key elements included in a typical internal sustainability report


  • recognize some of the challenges in marketing green businesses