Project Communications Management (PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)

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Stakeholders and the Communications Management Plan
Credit NASBA: 3

Processes for Managing Project Communications
Credit NASBA: 3

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Stakeholders and the Communications Management Plan

  • identify the benefits of using good communication on a project


  • match each process in the Project Communications Management knowledge area to its associated project management process group


  • identify the types of information used to identify stakeholders


  • recognize how to identify stakeholders using stakeholder analysis and expert judgment


  • identify the outputs of the Identify Stakeholders process


  • match the inputs to communications planning to the type of information they provide


  • determine the effect that various project conditions may have on communications requirements


  • determine the number of communication channels in a given project


  • recognize examples of the components of the communication model given a project scenario


  • match examples of communication breakdown on a project to corresponding solutions


  • classify examples of communication as interactive, push, or pull communication


  • identify the outputs of communications planning




Processes for Managing Project Communications

  • match inputs of the Distribute Information process to examples


  • identify factors that positively influence project communications


  • classify a project communication example according to the communication method and type of information distribution tool it represents


  • identify types of organizational process assets that may be used to distribute project information


  • match inputs with the type of information they provide for managing stakeholder expectations


  • recognize examples of techniques and skills used to manage stakeholder expectations


  • identify outputs of managing stakeholder expectations


  • match the inputs to reporting performance with their characteristics


  • recognize the tools and techniques for reporting project performance


  • identify the outputs of reporting performance




Communicating Effectively with Project Stakeholders Simulation

  • performing stakeholder and communications requirements analysis.


  • managing stakeholder expectations.


  • using interpersonal skills to manage stakeholders.


  • utilizing effective management skills.