Project Procurement Management (PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)

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Planning Project Procurement
Credit NASBA: 3

Managing Procurements
Credit NASBA: 2.5

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Planning Project Procurement

  • determine whether a given contract term will reduce the risk for the buyer or for the seller


  • label individuals in a scenario as either buyer or sellers


  • match the Project Procurement Management processes with their associated project management process groups


  • match each procurement planning inputs to the description of how it is used in the procurement planning process


  • determine the best course of action between making, buying, or leasing a product given cost data


  • classify agreements as either fixed price, cost-reimbursable, or time-and-materials contracts


  • match each output of the Plan Procurements process with the type of information it should contain




Managing Procurements

  • match inputs to conducting procurements with descriptions of how they are used


  • match techniques for developing a pool of prospective sellers with situations when each should be used


  • match examples of procurement techniques with the stage of procurement in which they are used


  • recognize examples of the outputs of the Conduct Procurements process


  • match the inputs to the Administer Procurements process with the information they provide


  • recognize examples of techniques for administering on-going project procurements


  • recognize examples of techniques for administering project procurements when there are changes or disputes


  • match the outputs of the Administer Procurements process with examples


  • recognize examples of information a project manager needs in order to close procurements


  • determine the appropriate procurement closure technique to use in a given situation


  • identify the types of documents that result from closing procurements