Recruiting and Retention Strategies

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Recruiting Talent
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Retaining Your Talent Pool
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Recruiting Talent

  • recognize the importance of effective recruitment practices in a sustainable talent management strategy


  • recognize shifts in the labor market that pose challenges to recruitment


  • recognize effective recruiting trends among businesses


  • sequence the stages of the process for planning a recruiting strategy to meet your organization's talent needs as part of a comprehensive talent management strategy


  • identify intangible incentives that appeal to employees


  • distinguish between the main generational groups in the labor market


  • attract and appeal to candidates based on their values and generational profiles, in a given scenario


  • identify the benefits of using a recruitment plan and search plan when recruiting


  • identify examples of innovative strategies that today's recruiters are using


  • analyze a company's search plan and recommend additional techniques, in a given scenario


  • recognize the advantages associated with the use of various innovative recruitment techniques




Retaining Your Talent Pool

  • identify the benefits of effective retention as part of a larger talent management strategy


  • assess an organization's efforts to implement the elements of a high-retention organization


  • recognize how to implement an effective retention strategy


  • identify characteristics of engaged employees


  • match the six engagement drivers to descriptions


  • recognize key considerations related to identifying and enhancing engagement drivers in your organization


  • suggest actions to take in response to employee engagement survey scores, in a given scenario


  • match engagement survey questions to associated engagement drivers


  • sequence descriptions of the steps for executing an engagement strategy




Creating a High-Retention Organizational Culture Simulation

  • implementing innovative recruiting techniques.


  • executing an engagement strategy.


  • practicing high-retention behaviors.




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