The role of HR as a Business Partner

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HR as Business Partner: From Cost Center to Strategic Partner

  • identify the meaning of "transformational HR"


  • identify key tactics for moving from transactional to transformational HR


  • recognize examples of HR departments defining and implementing organizational strategy


  • recognize examples of ways to make transactional HR work more efficient


  • determine which message will best educate management and secure buy-in for transformational HR




HR as Business Partner: Linking HR Functions with Organizational Goals

  • recognize examples of specific HR functional areas serving organizational strategy


  • sequence the steps involved in an HR implementation of organizational strategy


  • recognize key leadership roles and capabilities exemplified in a given scenario


  • identify questions that assess the organization's readiness for change


  • identify the benefits of assessing organizational readiness for transformational HR


  • recommend measures that HR should take to achieve key elements of readiness




HR as Business Partner: Managing Talent for Organizational Success

  • recognize characteristics of talent management efforts that are typical in a transformational HR setting


  • recognize why organizations should strive for effective talent management


  • plan HR priorities that are integrated and aligned with organizational strategy, in a given workforce planning scenario


  • determine what issue prevented performance management processes from supporting the business strategy, in a given scenario




HR as Business Partner: Using Metrics and Designing Strategic Initiatives

  • recognize examples of HR activities that exceed traditional expectations and support transformational HR


  • distinguish between internally-focused and strategic uses of HR metrics


  • recognize key considerations for interpreting HR metrics


  • recognize the next step in the process of designing strategic HR initiatives in a given scenario